Day 03. And the garment is taking shape

If I felt tired yesterday, today I’m pure exhaustion. I’m running a bath while writing this quick report and  dreaming of my bed. 12 hours of hard work… the students only stay 6 hours but we need to make sure we achieve each day aims and put the work early and when they leave.

Today we spend half of the day on defining hair styles, agreeing concepts with the creative director, and working on our final presentation while our fabrics were printing… Every step a new mood board.

Hair and Make up Mood board
Our final design, make up & hair concept.

Garment Construction

Once the design in the toile were finalised, it was traced to a paper pattern.

I learned to tailor’s tack and it’s so easy I cannot believe I never tried before.
I also exchange a lot of other techniques and was glad to know my knowledge is well founded. All those books I keep borrowing from the library in between my assignments are paying off.

Yesterday the students sew parts of toile with our help but we only had half day today and 2 hours tomorrow,to have the garment ready. So me and Katie (our mentor) took charge and got busy with the production.


What a difference from the toile and with the fabric.


Katie will drape the hood and the overskirt in the morning because it needs to be ready for our photo shoot.
See you tomorrow,
  • Rachel, I am so excited for you. This is really exciting..
    Hope you got some rest last night, and feel more rested for the next day.. Have fun

  • The dress and fabric look amazing well done what a lot of work… tailor tacks I learnt them in high school, so many years ago and have spent my sewing life ignoring them. But they are good for matching up…

  • I like using tailor tacks when I am concerned about marking fabric with chalk or pens etc — all looking good

  • Wow, everything is looking great! I love following your progress on this.

  • How great for you, to be able to participate in this! And thank you so much for allowing us a peek into the entire process. This is really fun to hear about. I hope you get good sleep tonight!

  • I sleep like a rock, and today i was much more rested. Im so glad you are enjoying the process with me.

  • Aww this reminds me so much of when I was in college especially with the toiling. Love the fabric print too.