Day 04. Final Day ( Unofficial Photos- sneak peak)

Yeahhh, It’s done. I’m now relaxed with a cuppa tea because it was freezing out there. How crazy that last week was about 22C and today was 3C. Only In the UK…

Yesterday the shell was all sewn and we left feeling very proud. This morning we got our second fabric  and it didn’t print well for changes on the fabric that we couldn’t control etc…
If was my decision I wound just scrap it because the shell was looking stunning yesterday.


Sometimes concepts don’t match expectations. Katie and I knew that the final design wouldn’t work but we let the kids decide. Sorry to say, but I was sad to see the dress going from gorgeous to cheap.
Katie did her best but the timelines were so short she was a bit insecure. In the end we knew that the issue was not her sewing abilities but the design needed more fine-tuning to deal with the fabric changes and we didn’t have the time available for it. 


This whole process been so great and I learn so much that I’m sure the professional shoot will look amazing!
Now I’m giving you the photos I took. The profession photographer photos won’t be available until saturday. I won’t join them as I have so much work from the MBA to catch up. Once I get them emailed to me, I will post it with my final reflections and key learnings from the experience.



 So, what did you learning from me? If there anything you would like to know about the workshop?

  • Hello, here you have a new follower. It was great that published our blog, because thanks to that I have known you. Keep it up, it’s great that you can devote yourself to what you really love. Great design!

    • I know.. so much fun…

      Oh this week I was dreamy to immerse myself in fashion but not really my day to day reality…

  • Thank you for answering my FBA question. I don’t need one for myself, so I thought I’d never have to learn it. But since this top is for a friend who is shaped differently than myself I thought I might need it. Thanks, you eased my mind!

    • Hi Faye, Its fine… I have a large bust but small neck and my FBA takes me ages.. When using knits you should be fine. Make sure you know how much will stretch to her measurements…

  • Gorgeous dress x

  • I love how the dress turned out! I love the stripe fabric with flowers.