How to draft a Peter Pan Collar.

Peter pan collar inspiration

This is very simple to design and I hope you have fun adding it to your garments.
This tutorial will create a collar that will lie flat on the shoulders.

Before you start. Make sure all the alterations of the bodice is done 1st and it fits perfectly. You can construct a Sailor’s collar in the same way.
To avoid confusion, don’t include seam allowances.

Step 01: 

Join your pattern pieces together and secure. Add a piece of paper bellow.
Draw a line tracing the shape of the front and back bodices, including the neck shape as shown above.

Step 02:

 From the centre back neck (1) measure 8 cm (2). From point 2 draw a line  vertically with 4 cm (3)

Step 03:

With always 8 cm as a reference, draw a line parallel to the neckline until the end of the neck curve (4) 

  Step 05:

Connect (4) with centre front neck (5)with a straight line. At point (4) curve an angle.
Thats all. You will need cut twice on the fold (centre back) unless is lace and you don’t need double layer.
Lots of love,
  • Pam

    Thanks for sharing this!!!! I’m pinning for future reference…

  • I absolutely love Peter Pan collars! I have been planning to draft one when I get a top that fits (lol). I will have to check this out when I do! Gertie’s New Blog for Better Sewing also has some video tutorials, I plan to use both tutorials together!

  • Oh would love to try my hand at this! x

  • Peter pan collars are adorable! I hace bought a lace one that you can just attach to any top!

    • thats great and a good idea to use scrap lace to make extra ones…

  • Oh my love you must have read my mind. I’m just sewing up my lace playsuit and was just thinking it was definitely in need of a Peter Pan collar. Now I don’t have to trawl the net whoopee! Thank you xxx

    • Thats fab, are you using the pattern you got from me? will look lush.. I’m sure !!!

  • Peter Pan collars are so cute aren’t they? I love white ones on a black dress….

  • Thanks for sharing this Rachel! I have a bit of a thing for collars ;o)

  • Thank you for posting this technique. I have never worn a Peter pan collar. I wonder if it’d be my style.

    • Hi Rachel, as long its drafted in keep of the proportion of the person frame should be good. Im sure you would find it fun to try it out.

  • How wonderful! Thanks!

  • Brilliant – thanks a lot for this, I’ve been wondering about how to do these!

  • Great- saw a gorgeous one last night a single layer ( I think it was crepe) with scalloped edges…… Yummy

  • Pam

    Hi Rachel, I’ve featured your Peter Pan collar post today…