I’s still cool. Versatile and Liebster awards ( sorry for the delay)

My life been so crazy that I haven’t really had time to thank 3 lovely fellow bloggers for nominating me for 2 awards: Liebster & Versitile Blogger.

Liebster from Jennifer, from “The Musings of a Dedicated Housefiancee
It was nice to know that I’m still versatile blogger down to Diane from “ Marguerite Designs” and the 3rd time,  Tina “Down the Retro Rabbit Hole
I love the idea of awards  because it gives the change of blog readers to know other lovely blogs but I hate having to choose only a few as I feel all deserve, so this time, I’m giving the awards at random from my reading list.

Jennifer its so kind of you to have chosen me. Thank you.

The  Liebster award goes to: 

Thank you so much Tina & Diane. 

The versatile Blogger Goes to:

Truly Myrtle

Oranges and apples
Leopard and Lipstick
Christmas Pie Crafts
Sew happy Geek

To all awarded blogs, please nominate fellow bloggers for the awards, not forgetting to Thank & Link  on your post.

If you already been given, oooppss , blame the google reader as I choose the most updated posts. You may just have to play again. (optional of course) 

Now I’m giving extra 13 things about me.

  • I graduated in 2004 in Advertisement and Marketing
  • I have been with my boyfriend aka HRH for the last 7 years but we are not officially married(someday) 
  • I’m a workaholic
  • I’m not computer savvy ( you can tell. LOL)
  • I LOVE fashion and sometimes I wished I was a fashion designer
  • I have a very handsome younger brother that just moved to NY. If you live there, drop me a line by email so when I visit him, we can have a fabric shopping trip and a drink. 
  • I always put my hand up when ask to volunteer even if Im very busy because I don’t like missing opportunities in taking part, help and learn from the experience.
  • I never realise how powerful blogs were in connecting people with different backgrounds and Im so glad to have ‘met’ most funny and creative people out there.
  • Every time I see a new comment on the blog, makes me feel so happy that brings me a smile to my face. Thank you for making me smile more often !
  • I never used to drink tea before my MBA now its 5 cups a day. It’s almost beating my diet coke addiction.
  • When I feel very stressed I love sitting on the sun and watch life goes by.
  • Everyday for the last 10 years I have been putting sunscreen factor 50 as part of my morning routine. Its a investment.
  • When I was 15 people assumed I was in my 20s, now I’m in my 30s people assume I’m in my 20s. How crazy is that ! 

Lots of love, 
  • So fun to hear these facts about you! I live in NY– would love to meet up when you come to town!

  • I agree you look like you’re in your 20s… must be that sunscreen doing the trick huh? I wear sunscreen every day too. Hope it works! (New Zealand sun is extra harsh)

  • Sunblock is amazing stuff!!!! I love reading your blog… from my online lurking 🙂

  • I also use sunblock 50. And seeing what you did last week I thought you were already a designer or studying to be one.

  • Thank you Rachel for nominating me 🙂

    I love hearing your facts, I’m a fan of using sunscreen too.

  • Im glad we all been skin save with sunscreen! ;o))

  • Thanks for nominating me!!! I get so excited when I someone actually pops in! 🙂

  • Wow a diet coke addiction too, I’ve weaned myself off, but I still crave it at times. I drink green tea now…. Great you wear sunblock it’s best thing you can do for yourself. Over here we need it and a hat too.and sunglasses now to protect our eyes… Luv hearing all about you and you do look young, that’s good you’ll never grow old LOL!

    • oh Thereza, tell me the secret to stop.. I’m terrible as I don’t drink much water… i think its my worst habit.

      when Im home in Brasil sun hats and sunglasses are must too… ohh how I mis the lovely hot weather.

      I do hote it doesn’t invest on the next decade where I’m young and they think Im older lol…

  • Anonymous

    Have to agree that I thought you were in your twenties (was going to show you to my 25 year old daughter as an example of a trendy young thing who makes her own stuff – I am a not so trendy forty something Mum, so need to show her that I could make nice and not granny stuff for her). I too wear sun screen as over the years I have developed a sun allergy which starts in March when I am still shivering. The upside is that maybe it has helped with less wrinkling. I do have some, of course I do but not so many for ay old bat of 47. Every little helps doesn’t it? Love seeing what you have made. Very inspiring!

    • Hi Sara, thanks for such lovely comment… Im flatter that you want to use me as an example and its a lovely thing to continue with the sewing tradition in the family. Maybe she wants to start with small DYI projects to get her inspired. Like adding the peter pan collar to a blouse she has.
      Sunscreen is great stuff and i cannot recommend enough.

      My mom is will be 54 and she is a great influence for me as she is really glamorous and full of life.

      you can see her here: http://houseofpinheiro.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/moms-birthday-party-celebraion-of.html

      Im sure you can make lovely things so I’m looking forwards to hearing from you. You can post a link here, twitter or my Facebook page.

      lots of love, xx