P.Y.J.A.M.A Party Live!

Few Things I’ve Learned Since I Knew It All

Besides the pillow fight pyjamas photos, Karen asked us to reveal what we been reading recently.
I’m a confessed nerd. I LOVE books, not only they fill my imagination,they bring me a lot of personal growth & inspiration. I read an average book a week. Not a tiny book… a 600- 800 pages one. I am one of those people that keep saying ‘just one more chapter before bed’ and end up almost not sleeping at all.
My favourite literature genres varies. Im now enjoying fantasy/sci-fi, interesting facts, trilogies…
So, besides my business and MBA books,what’s on my nightstand now?

Since BBC started with the Sherlock Holmes series, I have been obsessed with Sherlock Holmes.

And got a crush on Benedict Cumberbath…
To fill the gap between series I started reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle original work. If you have an iPad is free and I really recommend it. The whole collection is a hefty 3.000 pages.
Just my type of book, full of interesting stories I can’t get enough. I’m sad is almost finished.
I tend to mourn when books are finished until I find my next fix. I love having the real book, and only recently changed my mind completely about reading on electronic devices. I didn’t really find attractive until I was reading book 4 of the Game of thrones series and the book finished, stores were closed and I wasn’t ready to let go. I brought a “Dance with Dragons” at 1 am.
After reading the whole book I was hooked on online books. Game of Thrones series is amazing and I cannot wait for the next two books to come out. George R R Martin is the author.
The book on the photos was given to HRH as a gift and It’s very interesting to just open up at random and learn something amusing about the capital. I will be a great tourist guide to my family when they join me for the Olympics. {“I never knew that about london” Christopher Winn.}
I’m dying to get lots of great book recommendations. I just recently joined ‘Goodreads’, a social media site that share book recommendations. If you are there, why don’t you add me as a friend and keep up with my next recommendations.
Last but not least, a little more about my Pyjamas.
Pattern: I traced a pair of good fitting social trousers and my pyjamas and create a mixture of the two. And the best of it? Well, they fit my leg length. All 1,17 metres of waist to floor. (46 in)

Fabric: Soft modal jersey from Porto.

Year: Modern
First worn:As soon as it was finished.And I am wearing tonight.
Cost: £10
Worn with: Old top from Dorothy Perkins
Wear it again? Every day if I could. This is the ‘BEST EVER’ pyjamas I owned. I loved them so much I going to make all my pyjamas in the future. Mom is getting a pair too because she loved my version. I was so excited with the result, I called her on Skype for a virtual catwalk.

 Ps. The title of my post is a book title that I never read or have intention of reading, I just thought the title was very catchy! Don’t you just love funny titles?
  • Very nice jammies! They look super comfy!

    • Thanks Gail, I just love my pyjamas so much that they will be worn quite fast.

  • Nice PJ bottoms Rachel! Where do you find to read so much, sew so much, study and bake…you’re like some kind of superwoman!!!

    • Thanks hun, Oh Im not superwoman.. Im a hyper/multitasker person that struggles to sit still. I guess I am lucky that Hrh is so good and help me so much on the house.

  • Love the PJs! They look really comfortable. I’ve read that London book, it’s really interesting. Someone gave it to me when I moved to london for a few years. Books like that are always interesting.

    I’ve never read the Games of Thrones series, but they look like my kind of book so i might have to add them to the reading list.

    • Thanks Helen, Indeed its quite a nice book.

      You should, is really good and you won’t be able to stop reading it.

  • Super cool pyjamas and they look so comfy!

    • way too comfy and I will be struggling to wear anything else… lol

  • I agree with Marie, some kind of super woman!! The pjs look fab!

    • Oh I wish.. your pjs look adorable.. well everyone I seen already made amazing pjs xx

  • wow a book a week!! that’s amazing, I can hardly do that when I’m off work and not doing anything else 🙂
    you’ve found a great fabric for this pair of pyjamas!

    • Thanks Sophie … have good fabrics on the stash is great stress saver

  • Rachel you are a wonder! Your trousers do look perfect “glam” lounge wear as well as great for snuggling up with your book of the moment. But great pics!!

    • Thanks Winnie, yours are the most adorable pjs I seen. and your post as funny as ever. love it

  • This pj party is so much fun and I’m loving to get to know new sewist and their book recommendations..

  • Love,love your new pj’s.. What a fun party this has been.

    • Thanks Judy… This is indeed fun. how would think that wearing pjs online would be so funny

  • Your stripey pj pants look so chic!
    I love Sherlock Holmes, though I haven’t seen this BBC tv series yet. I love BBC tv, and I miss London!

  • Gees, even when you are in casual mode I envy your posing ability! Very cool jammies!

    • thank you hun …. I’m such a poser that I don’t notice… I get a lot of banter from my boyfriend

  • I haven’t read Sherlock Holmes in years. Note to self, reread the Sherlock Holmes collection. Cute jams.

    • Thank you Elle… its a great collection and the series brings the story to modern days.

  • Gads you’re all leg! Love the jammies. Also the bed-jumping.

  • Very attractive pajamas Rachel! I wish my legs were so long!! I haven’t yet warmed up to tabletreading but should try.

    • Thanks Justine, Tablets have great advantages, like not needing a side table light on.. also gets thumbs up because I can make the letters bigger.. so no need for glasses in bed..

  • Heather

    I love Sherlock too, have you read House of Sin? The best non-Conan Doyle Sherlock novel EVER.

  • Lovely PJs. You have such lovely long legs, but with my short little legs I probably use way less fabric!!!! There has to be an upside to being short!!

  • Amy

    A book a week?! I’m envious. I can’t seem to find the time for that much reading anymore. But, I do agree with you that the Song of Ice and Fire books are fun reads. I actually went out and bought book five when I still had 100-200 pages left in book four because I knew I was going to want to start on it as soon as book four was finished. Your pajama bottoms are cute, too. They fit nicely – something to consider the next time I get around to making pajama bottoms!

    • Thanks Amy. I rather read than watch tv so I guess its kind of manageable . But i know that if I get busier I won’t read so much.

  • Love the jammies and the Sherlock Holmes (books and TV!). Great work!

  • Your pjs are great – I’m definitely going to use jersey for my next pair for extra cosiness!

    I used to be able to read a book in a week, but these days my tube journeys are full of crochet!

    • Thanks Allison. Indeed now a days you see a lot more people crocheting then reading on the Tube in London. Im such at crochet and knitting but i try my best.

  • Your PJ’s look really comfortable and very nice thanks for the info on Sherlock Holmes for the i-pad

  • They look great. I am a shocker when I start reading I cannot stop!

    • Reading is such a pleasure hobby specially it the story is well written

  • These are cute, I love the stripes! I want to make PJs too!

    • Thanks Jo, they are dead easy and Karen had made a step by Step sew along.

  • Skinny pjs – very cool! And so comfortable in jersey – lovely!

    • Indeed, these are way too comfy… Its skinny because I feel so much cold and hate the the pj moves up.. best thing about making your own its solving problems with RTW

  • Very chic PJs! You could even wear them out and about. I love Sherlock Holmes too – he was my first crush, years ago, when Jeremy Brett played him in the earlier BBC series. (Yes, I am old.) The books are terrific too, and if you like these, you should move on to the Holmes and Russell series by Laurie R. King. They re-imagine Holmes after his “retirement” and pair him with a feisty, feminist, Jewish sidekick. Very cool. I’m on Goodreads too, I’ll look for you there.

    • How exciting… Its now on the top of my reads as I will I’m not read to let go of Mr Holmes yet lol…

  • Loving your photo shoot – you are too cute !!! You did an excellent job with these – I LOVE them ! Quite jealous about your leg length too ;-)) xx

    • Thanks Darling…

      don’t envy me.. image how hard to get comfortable on planes, buses etc… ;o)

  • I like the stripes! “Hound of the Baskervilles” is one of my very favorite stories; have you got to that one yet?

  • I love your PJ’s! They’re so cute and fitted– I’ll have to try a pair of stretchy pajama pants. I usually wear baggy, unisex-style pajamas, but these are sexy! Love!

    I love all the Sherlock Holmes books, too! They’re so fun! I was really sad when I finished the complete collection!

    • Thanks Hun, I will miss it too.. Lucky the new BBC series shouldn’t be far away

  • These look sooooo comfy!!! The stripes are divine! And I love love love George R.R. Martin – his Game of Thrones books are amazing 🙂

  • I really love that you made these skinny! The black and white stripes make them look chic enough to wear out of the house. No one need know you made them for lounging!

  • they fit looks perfect! i would wear them out =P
    very cool!