Vintage Inspired apron tutorial

From Tea Towels to Apron

Apron 1
Fabric: 2 Vintage Style Cotton Lawn tea towels, 100% Cotton

I used the design to guide the pleats. Those had 2 cm.
Starting from the centre mark 3 pleats each side.
They can all have one direction as on mine or 3 from left to right and 3 from right to left. I
t’s a design decision, so have fun.  Press.
Sew a line 1.5cm from the edge of the fabric to secure in place.
I used a waistband pattern I like to add an extra design feature
 but you can just measure the width size you want the band to be and cut on the fold.
Using the second tea towel to make the waistband straps, measure the size of the front of your waistband  and cut trips of the fabric with the same width.
Don’t rush… measure everything 1st to make sure you have enough fabric.
Mine waistband measured 10cm and I used the tea towel pattern to guide me.
They will be sewn in double so make sure you have a even number.
My tea towel made 6 equal strips.
Use 4 strips for the laterals and 2 for waistband.
I used a plain muslin for the back and saved the back waistband strip for the 2nd apron.
 I wanted my pleats to be secured so I sew 5cm turning them into tucks.
Sew your waistband to the sides. I overlooked my seams so they were secured.

Now, right fabric with right fabric, sew the bands leaving the bottom un sewn. Trim, clip the curves and turn to the right side out. Press.

Now, adding the pleated tea towel inside the band, making sure the ends are turned in. Add your label and a tea towel holder. Sew a straight line and its all done.

Apron 2

Same instructions for the 2nd apron, the difference was that one one tea towel were used and was added half a metre of fabric for the ties in to make them longer. Also the tucks were spaced with only 2 each side, eliminating the middle 2 creating a tulip shape.

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  • Very cute apron.

  • Aaaaw this apron is beautiful! Think I’ll have to add it to my ever-growing to-do list 🙂

    • Oh Reena, its the same for me.. I get so inspired by all those lovely ideas from fellow bloggers that my list growths gigantic.

  • very sweet although I think you were born 60+ years too late you would have loved living in the 40’s and 50’s I think.

  • These are so cute. I love cute aprons. I made one a long time ago. My favourite one of yours is the first, I love the spray of flowers. I would have fun doing embroidery on top of those to make them even more of a design feature. Plus it would be good embroidery practice!

  • Pam

    Such a pretty apron!!! The curved waistband really makes a big difference to the overall look… great idea! The fact that you made an apron from kitchen tea towels is fabulous. As well as looking good on, it will look great hanging in your kitchen. I would love for you to share this at our ongoing linky that’s just for Aprons…

  • Adorable! Thanks for sharing how you did this!

    • Welcome Gail, I hope is explained ok… I find it hard to try to explain all the steps

  • This is great, the ginger also uses this waistband, I could borrow it to make an apron. I have lots of pillowcases which would also work although they are not as such a heavy weight fabric. x x x

  • Thankyou for the tutorial.. So well the apron.. CUTE!!CUTE!!
    I am thinking, this would be a great idea for my embroidery..When I buy
    new designs, alot of times, I will stitch them out on a throw away
    fabric, just as a sample , to see if the design works.. I could make cute
    aprons from them..[more to do list…it is evergrowing…ha]
    Happy sewing.

    • Indeed… Im hopping to do little crafts aprons too with my cast off embroidery practices…

      Great idea… I hope you can make at least one. xx

  • Oh, this is so cute! I love it!

  • so pretty! thanks for sharing

  • Cuteeeeeee!

    I’m new to your blog, hello! 🙂

  • Pam

    Hi, I’ve featured your Vintage Inspired Apron tutorial today…