WALTHAMSTOW: Sewing Meet Up: Swap ‘n’ Shop

♫ Ohhh the jersey ladies…. Ohh the Jersey ladies… ohhh the jersey ladies.. put your hands up 

From left to right: Mela,  Alana,  Suzy, Karen, Jane,  Rehanon ,Zoe,  Michele, Kat, Marie,  Me,  Catherine & Camilla.

On saturday, I had the pleasure of spend the day with talented, fun, like minded sewing enthusiasts. Direct quoting master of the words, Karen I feel sorry for people who don’t sew – they have no idea of the wealth of warmth and friendship they’re missing out on”
I couldn’t agreed more my friend. I left the day feeling full of creative energy, delighted to see some creations off screen on they best light- been worn by their creators; specially Susy’s ‘Minoru’ which I stroke non stop and Alana’s ‘Bow Blouse’...  

Enjoy catching up on latest sewing technique and swapping fabric hiding techniques… Marie, did your plan worked?

Claire, chief fabric scout,made the terrain recognition the week before, making a very detailed map of best buy, baking before hand so we won’t get hungry not even mention she is the sweetest! Girl, I bow to your organisations skills.  

We start the day emptying our bags to swap.. with so many OHH ands Awwws you can imagine the quality of the stuff been re homed. Some of the fabrics indeed were meant to be shared. Some lucky lady went home with Rehanon’s green lucky of the irish, same one of her amazing pastille dress. 
Mela took some of the one off print fabric I had it printed in the university and I’m so curious to know what lovely thing she will make. 
Source: Claire.
Camilla, Jane and Catherine brought the best patterns for the swap. We had Donna Karan, Cynthia Rowley, Lisette… No stop good taste here…

Michelle was across myself and she bagged amazing swap goodies. 

On our 1st store visit, I was eyeing Kat’s choices for her ‘Truffle’ and I’m ‘sew’ excited to see it ready as she plans to make it for a wedding party. 

Last not least, another common thread during the day was the warm hugs and happy faces around. You finally meet in person these inspiring people that we participate on their adventures and them ours and they are every little bit as you imagine them to be.

On the end of the day, not only Zoe had a great idea to donate the extra loveliness we had left , even the  Butterick kaftan that we jointly brainstormed into turning into a animal print slanket been re home to HRH mom… She been ages looking for something to sew for the summer nights. Yeah!!! It’s all good.

I went home with incredible stuff. I will be making my thank you cards and will require addresses soon !

And you wonder… Have I been good or have I been naughty on the fabric shops? With prices as £2 a metre how can oneself be naughty??  Here is a selection of what I brought. 

Our attendees list & their lovely blogs:

Camilla (no blog, but still lots of fun!)
Rachel – Me

And again, Thank you so much for the amazing time together ladies, you make sewing way more fun !

If you couldn’t make it but want to join the next one, we are planning to have a Summer picnic: tea party and I set up a link to choose the best day. I will close the link end of may. Join us !

  • What fun you all had!
    I love the black and white bird fabric!

    • hi Gill, the birdy fabric was very popular and you will see lovely creations soon to come.

  • Where did you get the magpie fabric from? I’d love to get some! Looks like you had a fantastic time!

  • Kat

    Oh wow, there is pressure now for my truffle dress!!! 😉 Thank you so much for sharing your fabric knowledge to help me choose mine! So excited for the summer picnic…off to vote in the poll now! 🙂

  • Rachel – now you understand why I go to Walthamstow market all the time – isn’t it great.

    Glad you had lots of fun – I was there last weekend (this was my prize for baking the birthday cake for Mike’s brother-in-law) but I warn you – it will spoil you now.

    • Pauline, you are so right… I cannot believe my eyes… and indeed now Im spoiled. I don’t want to pay over £5 hehehe

    • I bought some lovely camel cashmere there for £3 a metre – I am not 100% sure if it is cashmere, but it is a lovely looking fabric so think I will be pleased with it.

  • I love Walthamstow! I wish I could have come, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for the next one! I have some of that magpie jersey so I can’t wait to see what everyone else creates with theirs, where did you get your other prints from?

    • Fiona, I only went to 2 shops, Saeeds and I cannot remember the name of the other because their bag wasn’t branded and I was following the crowd and didn’t really see the name. The jerseys were on Saeeds. The middle fabric is silk like from these other shop in their remnants bin… 50p. Seriously?

  • I can tell you girls had LOTS of fun.. I am so happy for you.. Look so forward to seeing all the pretty things you will make..
    Rachel..that bird fabric is fantastic..I love,love,love it. All of it is pretty though..how do you choose.lol
    Happy sewing.

  • What fun! If I visit England in the next few years, I’ll be sure to check in and see if there are any meets during my visit! 🙂

  • What a great way to spend a Saturday! Looks like you had a great time together. I love the fabrics you purchased, especially the one on the right. Very nice!

    • Hi Dixie, indeed… meeting like minded people + shop is the perfect way to spend a saturday.

  • Thank you Rachel for awarding me the Versatile Blogger Award – I am really pleased and will be posting about it in my Wednesday blog post.

    £2 a metre is brilliant – lovely fabric can be so expensive, and that’s a real bargain. You Swap ‘n’ Shop day looks great fun.

    Hope you have a good week.

  • Nothing short of jealous!!

  • Great group shot! I had such a great time. Looking forward to the picnic!

  • Wooho!!! Fantastic meeting you and what a great Saturday!! Can’t wait for picnic fun 😀

  • What a fantastic picture of all of you! It sounds like you had a most wonderful time 🙂

  • you look like you all had a fab time!! I think I must take a trip to walthamstow especially with fabric priced £2 a meter!! Bargain!!

  • Wow, I’m so jealous! Sounds like a great day! I love the bird fabric, too– so cute!