{ Me Made May Week 3} The warm weather is finally here.

This week the sun and warm weather really inspired to dig my ME MADE wardrobe as most of my items are intended for warm weather. I always feel is never warm enough to wear out without coats or layers and layers of clothes. If this week had a theme I would called it ‘Nautical Flowers’.

During week 01, my outfits weren’t very creative and without realising I was in a ‘style laziness rut’.  I only noticed it when I look the photos at the end of that week and my wardrobe was mainly sorbetto & jeans. When I had to go to work everyday my job required that I was always very well dressed and I took a lot of pride to always look pristine. Now with extra stress from my MBA and my  library/ home/ University routine, I started to slack and comfort dress without realising. So easy to get in that trap, so MMM couldn’t had come to rescue me soon enough. 

I added to my challenge, that I needed to post my MMM pictures daily on my Facebook page. That really helped me to think a bit more what I should wear and avoided repeating my outfits. I also got lots of compliments, so this week so far has been my most successful MMM week. Also made me feel more like myself. 

Where: Run errands / Study enjoy the weather


Where: Meeting a friend for Lunch, striking my ‘Sexy Bowie’ pose Lol

Where: University

Pattern: Carnival Dress
Where: The university I go is situated within a historic dockyard and after todays lecture I
for a walk around the boats. 

Have a lovely weekend!

  • Oh Rachel, I love all your outfits in this post…they’re so fun and fresh!

  • Cute, cute, cute. Love the shorts!!

  • Hahaha, sexy Bowie!!!
    I love Day 23 🙂

  • Isn’t warm weather FANTASTIC!!! I love all your looks this week…I adore the blouse and skirt combo from day 23!

  • I love your Day 23 outfit!!