Signature pose, do you have one?

We all know the drill, once we make something we need to get a good photo of our make to post on our blogs. I’m so guilty of the signature pose sin. For me it is my comfortable blanket or insurance policy as I know I will have at least one usable photo. Even if it means showing you the same face/body position…
and my pose have even a ‘name’ given by my other half. He call it the”rugby pose”

My signature pose is so recognised that I was sent this picture by Mela.  Ha!!! Definably my pose minus the mouth but I shaw try to incorporate that someday.

I think I will now call the ‘Sexy Bowie’ pose.

So, how about you? Do you brave a pose you feel confident, comfortable and that keep appearing on your blog? Please share your thoughts on the subject.

  • Hee hee, I love this topic! I don’t know if I have a signature pose but I’m really trying to do different facial expressions as I’ve only just mastered not looking/feeling like a rabbit in the headlights.

    • you look so natural and relax on your photos.. thats hard to do…

  • My signature pose generally consists of my hands over my face as I try to get away from the person wielding the camera. I like yours though. I don’t know if she is known over there, but there is an American actress Leah Michelle who does a pose like yours. Always. It looks better on you.

    • Is the one from Glee? Hahah funny i will check it out. Thanks for the compliment on my pose. I liked your pj photo..

    • yeah she’s the one from Glee.

  • I’ve always loved your signature pose as it’s so model-like and suits you to a tee! Mine I think has to me hands on hips as it makes me feel less self-conscious…but MMM has definitely helped me to think more about this topic ;o)

    • This week you really raised the bar on poses.. I just loved the one you had on saturday.

  • Ha,ha Rachel.. You are too funny.. Love your pose..Yours looks much better than David
    My pose is…”oh Lord Kenny..please try not to get too close and show all this!” hahahahha

    • so lucky you have your own photographer. I love the photos of the garden, your place look so peaceful

    • You are sweet..thankyou.

  • if anything, mine is the physical embodiment of this thought process: tummy in, smile, chin up etc etc. Yours is great!

    • can I add another to your list? don’t forget to breathe . In or out doesn’t matter but it helps . when we tuck our tummy in we end up making our shoulders stiff. If you take a breath when the photo are taken you will look more relax.

  • Lately I’m noticing that I turn my head to the side. The right side cos my fringe is longer on that side! I hate showing my face front on

    • I noticed that on your pink skirt. you got such a pretty face you should not be hiding.

  • Ha! Mine is a mix of trucker stance and slightly turning to try to determine whether the camera has taken the pic yet or not. Lately I’ve just been cutting the head off all together (you know to get rid of that “did it just take the picture?” look).

    • I notice that on your knit dresses. You got great smile so should keep the face. I know what you mean , I take my own photos too and to make it easy i choose one that shows me 3, 2,1 before it clicks the photo. that seems to help me a lot.

  • Amy

    No and I need to work on it! I feel like all my poses are awkward and self-conscious.

    • ahh I would not say that looking on your blog, your pj photos are so carefree and happy. best advice i can give its to commit to whatever pose you making without thinking about it. If its bad, you can just not use it. Its bound to have good photos too.

  • oh yes, one of my knees comes forward every time the camera is in sight!

    • when someone else its taking my photos I do that one too.. very efficient

  • Yes, I do. It’s not as distinctive and stylish as yours, though!

  • I read this just before I put together my most recent MMM ’12 post and as I pressed publish on the post I realised I was doing the exact same pose in every photo! I really need to get some other poses!

    • Hi Helen, yes, its true but there nothing wrong with hands on the hips… I love your Thursday picture.

  • Yes. No matter how much I think about it and try to pose in different ways, I always seem to be facing slightly to the side with one hand on my hip 🙂

  • Heheh this has made me laugh a LOT! Good call Mela – brilliant pose match! I love your poses Rachel – they are distinctly you and always work well with whatever you’ve made. I definitely veer to the ‘head to the side and down’ look and I see that on a lot of other blogs too. I wish I could be more flamboyant and fun in mine sometimes. I’ll keep working on it 🙂

    • its quite daunting to have your picture taken as often as we do… important is that you feel comfortable.

  • I like the one hand on the hip because it shows that I have a waist but I guess two hands seems like overkill or like superman (although I do it sometimes).

    I also like the one arm bent at the elbow and holding the other arm behind the back but if I don’t stand the right way I look like an amputee so that pose doesn’t happen as often.