Cross Stitch, Swan & Coffee

I wanted to quickly share my latest cross stitch work which I made into a pincushion for my swap partner Ali.

The back was a simple patchwork with a few scraps I had that matched the colours and machine embroidered, inc. her name.

It was sent with a little gift (tissue holder) & a scissor holder that I didn’t photographed as I only finished last minute to add to the parcel.

Both my mom and my mother in law are also taking part on swap and since they don’t blog I’m blogging in their behalf. My mom parcel is making it’s way from Brazil to London, so it means that I cannot share yet what she made.
 I can only share what Ro made. 
It’s a stunning swan. I will be sharing what she received later on the pincushion parade.
Both Ro & I, like many others members of the swap, did made ‘test’ pincushions. And funny enough we both choose coffee cups. Ha!! 
Here is mine, before you start rubbing your eyes, yes… I missed spelled the word “Latte” and wrote “late”. So I didn’t finish it and it is not stuffed yet. Should I keep it and stuff it or bin it and make a new one?
Ro attempt was a lot more successful that mine.

  • I love the pin cushion you made! The tissue holder is nice as well – both very pretty. I say stuff the coffee cup and enjoy it despite its small error. 🙂

    • thank you Jennifer… Maybe you are right.. i does make me smile when I read “late& pins”!

  • I love your cross stitched pin cushion but the swan, wow, wow, wow!!! The pin cushion in a vintage cup is such a great idea.

  • Oh they are all so cute! I am starting to to regret the decorative soap dish I use for pins…..

  • All lovely, I think i could just make pin cushions forever!

  • cute,cute,cute..
    Keep the late pincushion.. Just think of what a great conversation peice..

  • I think you could easily sneak another t into “late”. And I love your cross stich, it’s so great!!

  • I love the pin cushion you made for your swap – so pretty! I think you should finish the coffee pin cushion too – it can be a talking point!

    Your mother in law’s swan is just fantastic too!

  • Kay

    I saw the swan on the group page and just loved it. This is more than a pincushion, it is art. A very lucky lady must have received this!

  • That swan is stunning!

  • Wow! That swan is beautiful!

  • Ro said: “Thank you Rachel – I can’t believe how well received it’s been. I’m just so very pleased.”

    Thank you for all your lovely comments on both my cross stitch and my failed pincushion.. I will indeed finish it !