Prints and a quilters secret!

You all know my absolute love for prints & vibrant colours and my tendency to break rules when sewing with unusual fabrics. 
Specially on my insistence on sewing with quilt cottons. Remember my ‘spring not sprung yet’ top, my vintage ‘Mad Men’ dress and my ‘bluebell and roses’ top?
If you ever in doubt when choosing quilt cottons for dressmaking I can recommend choosing fabrics with high threat count, as the fabric is weaved tighter and the dye works deeper… so no silly white backing. 

Last week I had the pleasure to meet fabulous Katy, ClaireFlorence and designer Pat Bravo  owner of Art Gallery Fabrics . It was so much fun. I just love learning and those girls know what they talking about it. I’m not a fabric geek so I cannot explain in fabric terms but I can say that my fingers loved the silky, soft texture and I’m dying to sew with it. I learned the fabric drape and softness is due of the fabric 200 thread count. Oh sewing machine can you return to me asap!

Florence, me, Pat & katy
During the meet up we had the opportunity to see and touch ( yes.. lots of touching) Art Gallery range of fabric and voiles and WOW!!! Let the fabric talk for me. 
Pat is very passionate and her passion definably is translated the way she runs her business. I took lots of notes about her history and how she started because It inspires me when I learn about how peoples passion take over their lives and turn into businesses.
Pat’s showing us her latest quilt using strips of fabric.
So what did I liked most on the range. Easy!!!!
Barry J LilliBelle collection. I’m dreaming to making Colette’s macaroon on those fabrics

 For the correct code, here

Some more photos of the range.
Cannot wait to get my sewing machine back and have a small sewing break from dissertation ! 
You can buy Art Gallery Fabrics in the Uk from Annie {The village haberdashery}

  • looks like you had loads of fun

  • That quilt is amazing! I have never seen anything quite like it!

  • What fun. Love the fabrics. I too am crazy about quilting cottons..I buy lots of it, and make lots of things from it.. Proud you had soooo much fun.. and thanks for sharing with us..
    Hoping sewing machine returns to you REAL soon..

  • I made my first skirt from quilting cotton recently and was really happy bout it!!!! Made the rookie mistake of not pretreating so lets see how it goes after the first wash!

  • Wow I love the first quilt out of strips of fabric! I tend to go more by how the fabric feels rather than if it labeled as quilting cotton or not, one of my favourite dresses is made from ‘quilting cotton’.

  • I’m with Suzy on this one. I have really basic knowledge of what the content of fabric is or what it should and shouldn’t be used for, so I tend to go with ‘the feel’ too! Kind of hampers my ability to buy fabric online and there is a lot online to tempt me, but to be fair, I do have quite a lot of choice in the Goldhawk Rd. Some of those prints are amazing! Good luck with your dissertation 🙂

  • Gorgeous fabrics, with a capital G! I really like the blue dress. I wish I could make my own frocks. Happy sewing.

  • I used to quilt… alot! And I still adore the fabrics and I agree with you – the expensive high thread count ones are worth it. In fact I wonder why anyone would spend hours upon hours making something out of cheap poor quality fabrics. Those prints are divine! I wonder if they distribute to Australua?