Service me, service me not… and a UFO

Dissertation writing is going well and I’m making good progress with my research. The pincushion swap posts have been running well ( thanks for good planning and guest writing) and should finish at the end of this month with a beautiful pincushion parade!
This week, focusing on my work wasn’t the result of my will power but the lack of constant distraction looking me in the face… my sewing machine has gone for service.  It’s the 1st time ever that my machine will go after 2 and a half years of constant use. The time line is 3 weeks! She will be missed!
It was running fine but when I was finishing my “holiday project for Sw”a pin felt inside.

Trying to remove made it went though and since I didn’t want to risk breaking any parts I decided it as time for a service and a good clean!

What was I doing? I was sewing button holes! I love exploring the different shapes my machine can do.
 Unfortunately I haven’t finished as still needs 2 button holes on the waist band.
So its turned into a temporary UFO
How often do you take your sewing machine for a service?And what do you do to keep your machine in good shape?
lots of love,
  • Sounds like your sewing machine is on the side of a completed MBA too! It’s sacrificed its health for you!

  • I have not taken mine in at all for a service yet, but I think I probably should soon! I am excited to see the finished item, the fabric is lovely! Good luck with yor dissertation 🙂 xx

  • I talk to her and tell her she is a good girl. I also vacuum her insides with a small vacuum attachment every now and then. I take her to the Dr when she makes funny noises or when she is acting up a bit.

    Three weeks away, that is too long for me, but probably not a horrible coincidence at this point in time.

  • Lovely fabric. Can’t wait to see the finished article

    • Thanks Jane, it will be a while but hopefully the weather will warm up for it

  • to be honest not very often! Poor neglected thing, on the plus side my man is a man that can take apart and mend anything which is handy!!
    Keep focused and everything else will fall into place.

  • Rachel..
    So proud your work is coming along.Sending prayers for you..
    This is the perfect time to service your sewing machine.[that way
    you can do your school work,and won’t be tempted by the sewing bug,ha]
    I don’t take my sewing machine for maintenance..Kenny does it for me,
    I only take it to the fixit man…when it goes to acting up and Kenny
    can’t figure it out [but he usually does..]..

  • Thank you Judy, your prayers means lots to me.

  • Found you! Bloglovin’, you’re there! Yay! Good luck with everything my lovely, you rock!

    B x

  • Eep! I have never serviced my machine but I think it might be high time to do so 🙂 I’m glad your dissertation is going so well – you are a rock star! Keep your chin up and keep pushing through – there is a light at the end of the tunnel, I promise!