The twin needles diary!

Like every other new skill I want to learn, I start by researching everything on the subject. I’m curious so I enjoy reading about others experiences, tutorials, effects on the project, pitfalls, etc. Is these little moments that a lot information goes in and only later you realise how much sewing knowledge has built up without even realising.
I’m going to share with you my brief experience sewing with twin needles:

From everything I read, my favourite blog explanation is from: Prudent Baby: Jersey 101.Is very basic and clear and a great start to demystify these scary technique. Since each machine is different, I looked on the manual on mine’s. Manuals aren’t the best for tutorials but they highlights key areas to look out for and on mine machine, it determined the appropriate foot, stitch selection and setting up the 2nd thread supply. I should use my J foot- straight stitching.

My machine has an attachment to add where you refill the bobbin. I have seen machines that don’t need that attachment so its always best to check. You should thread both threads exactly the same as you would with one needle.
The only difference its that only one thread should be in tuck in N6, (not sure how to call it) and the thread for the needle of the left should not. This very important!
Should look like this:
To start sewing:
Roll double a piece of test fabric and pin in place. The width should be determined by the which of your twin needles. Mine was quite close together and for the dress I made a small seam as you can see on my test patch, how funny would look with large seam.
Lower your needles 1st before you start sewing. I also recommend lowering the speed. You can increase once its start working fine.
  • How lovely is it? It makes for a gorgeous finish on knits

  • I recently used a twin needle for the first time too – love it!

  • I used one too last year for the first time and I was so excited – its magic! I was going to buy a serger but got such good resuts with the twin needle I didn’t need to. Have fun! xxx

    • its great when we find out things we have can serve for many things x

  • I’m not even sure my sewing machine does this! I should check it out! Does it do the same thing a serger does essentially?
    Jessiekays –

    • hi Jessie, as I have an overlocker, I still serged but you can use the twin needle instead. x

  • You are a brave lady! My first foray into twin needles ended in tragedy but I am having another bash at it this weekend. Thank you for your tips- it’s always great to see how someone else approaches it 😀

  • this is so timely – I recently bought a twin needle for sewing jersey. thanks for the tips!

  • Rachel.. what a fantastic tutorial.. I have never sewed with my twin needle [I think fear of it???]. But now , you have me ready to try it.. thankyou so much for sharing your new found info with us.. So helpful.. Happy sewing.

  • I have a twin needle that I picked up at a notions sale, but I have not used it yet. I’m a bit intimidated by them, but you make it seem so easy that maybe I’ll try it on my current project.

  • Very cool! I have yet to do this, but now I am inspired. I think out machines are similar too, so I will be using this page as a reference. Thank you!

  • Pam

    I have a twin needle that I bought recently, but I haven’t used it yet. Thanks for sharing your tips. You’ve made it look easy!!!

  • ooo….thanks for sharing all of your experience sewing with twin needles! I just inherited some from my grandmother, and this will definitely come in useful when i attempt to use them on my own!

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