Dissertation is finished, Are we having a drink tonight?

So much to catch up, so If you are in London.. come to meet me for a drink at 6:30 at B@1: Kings Cross. The address is 33 Caledonian Road – LondonN1 9BU   http://www.beatone.co.uk/

Ps, I got to update you with my sewing adventures….

  • See you there šŸ™‚

  • Congratulations Rachel … you made it … I am sure you are delighted .. looking forward to seeing you posting again … Bee x

  • Congrats! I wish I could join šŸ™‚

  • How cool for you!

  • Congrats on your achievement ! Will have a toast to your success from my place tonight. Cheers !

  • Many CONGRATS!!! Wow, enjoy that drink, you’ve earned two or three of them, Dr Rachel! (Soon to be, at any rate…)

  • Congratulations! You’ve definitely earned a break and a drink!

  • So happy for you Rachel.. Sending best wishes to you from USA.. Can’t wait to hear all about your sewing and school adventures..

  • Congratulations Rachel, you’ve worked so hard! Wish I could meet you for a drink, but I’ll be there in spirit ;o) Can’t wait to hear about your sewing adventures!

  • Congratulations!! Enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

  • congrats, girl! i’ll raise a glass to you over here šŸ™‚

  • Congrats on finishing it Rachel! So sorry I can’t make drinks tonight *sigh* šŸ™

  • Congratulations on conquering your dissertation! Here’s to you!

  • ~Congratulations on finishing – enjoy your drink tonight

  • Thank you so much. I missed you guys. Ps I make a mention on the acknowledgement of my work… Be posting about sewing soon.

  • Yahoooey!!!

  • Kick up those heels, tonight! Can’t be there, but will raise a glass of bubbly for you Down Under…

  • Yay, well done on the dissertation! Hope you have a good time celebrating tonight. šŸ™‚

  • Congrats. Hope you enjoy your night out celebrating. All the best.

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