a. Long bloomers formerly worn as underwear by women and girls.
b. Chiefly British Panties.
c. Full breeches gathered and banded just below the knee.
d.(Clothing & Fashion) an undergarment for women covering the lower trunk and sometimes the thighs and having separate legs or leg-holes
e. (Clothing & Fashion) a US variant of knickerbockers
f.Get one’s knickers in a twist: Slang to become agitated, flustered, or upset

Ps. in Portuguese it’s called ‘calcinha’… it translates to ‘little pants’…

So you can tell my surprise to see that!


Thankfully I was reassured by all it would shrink! I have to say that I made my protest heard about sewing so big pants.. you know… us Brazilians don’t like to wear full coverage of our assets.


And I sewed these because I had the pleasure to visit Bath, a world heritage city, with other 10 wonderful sewist from the UK. Most of them already spread the word on how wonderful our day was. If not, what are you waiting to check it out:

Roisin from Dolly Clackett
Kerry from Kestrel Finds and Makes
Jane from Handmade Jane
Melizza from Pincushion Treats
Shivani from Pins and Needles
Mimi from Magpie Mimi
Tamsin from Pimp my Curtains
Laura from Laura in a Tangle
Dibs from Dibs and the Machine
Winnie from Scruffy Badger Time


The fun was organised by fab Winnie, and I cannot thank her enough for such hospitality!
Oh how excited I was to join the fun with so many talented, sweet ladies. I was so excited I actually was up before 5 am… ok, also because the train was leaving 8:30 from London!

Here are some of the photos of our lovely day!

When I am concentrating I look so serious…
Our “sweat shop”.
 For the poser the I am,  surprisingly you can see how engage I was on my project that I didn’t even stop for the photos.
  • Adorable!!!

  • Great experience by all it seems. I always cringe at the cut out phase…like how many people are going to wear these with me??? Yours are lovely.

  • Cal

    Looks like so much fun!

  • So fun! I love bloggers’ meet-ups!

  • What a great day you all had!

  • No wonder you were horrified by the size of these knickers!! It looks like you all had a great day, I’m jealous!

  • I love your write up of the day too…it was huge fun, thank you for coming all the way to share it with us 🙂 and nice pants!

  • Looks like you all had brilliant time! You made me laugh about the size of the pants at least they did shrink!!

  • What fun!! And what cute panties!! Always terrifying though, when you cut the vast amount of fabric before elasticating…!

  • Nice pants! Your horror at the size of the pants pieces was very funny, and they did look enormous 🙂

  • You lucky girls! Those red gingham knickers are the sweetest thing 🙂

  • It looks like you had a fab day!

  • My .. what lovely new knickers … looks like you had a great day … Bee xx

  • Ah looks like you had such a lovely day. Love the knickers! 😀

  • Rachel. Loved it.. Looks like you girls had loads of fun.
    Charlotte T. and I have had the discussion of what to call our underclothes[lol]
    Have to tell you.. In reply to letter f. We [here in USA]say,” Don’t get your drawers in a wad”.. and means the same thing.hahahhaha
    ps. Did your “knickers” shrink? ha

  • Super cute undies!! Love these pics! What a fun day!

  • I think they look like Christmas knickers now on the wreath! Maybe that could be a new tradition for us all? Make Christmas knickers!! Thanks for a lovely day!

  • These are adorable!! I might have to try and make some!
    PS. Thank you so much for my Summer Sewing Swap package!!! I love that book! I’m planning on doing a post about it soon and I’ll let you know when I do! Thanks again, it was fun!