Modelling for DIY Couture. The behind the scenes action…

When Rosie invited me to be the face of DIY couture A/w 2012 I felt really flattered because Rosie entrepreneurship is so inspiring and helping out other creatives is really rewarding.

In her own words, the reason she started her business:I was frustrated with the outdated look of sewing patterns – both the clothing they allowed you to make and their packaging looked old fashioned.” Sounds familiar girls?

Interesting, Rosie also tried to de-stash her fabric ‘library’ in making this collection. She sewn all the garments on her spare time in 6 weeks. Girl, you are a inspiration!

I asked Rosie to send me a “mood board” before the shoot so I can get in the spirit of her vision that later was described as:  “Bubbling with a powerful green force, shedding light over dark evil.”   

Although comic book ‘Green Lantern’ brought some inspiration, she wanted a grown up look, not as girly as the previous collection shoots. During the shoot I try all types of poses: Happy, angry, strong, soft, sexy to give Rosie as much variety as possible. I am told we had 1000 photos!

I was asked to bring an extra pair of shoes, so I sent Rosie a small selection of what I owned that would fit the theme… I also wore golden boots a size smaller. Oh well! It is a small sacrifice for fashion!

Rosie prepared the collection and the shoot styling into mood boards. These are so cool!

The weather was really hot in London (26C or 78.8 F) that day but I had such a blast wearing this collection. I really wanted to take it home with me… Here are some shoots behind the scenes..

 The pleated skirt

The hoody

The Tulip Skirt

Thanks, Rosie… for letting me take part on this wonderful collection!

* updated: Rosie’s personal blog. You can find DIY Couture is linked on the titles/pattern instructions.

  • how amazing! I love the hoodie! the material is also in my local shop and i keep saving the pennies! 😛 the mood board is cool! awesome! congrats! you look amazing! 😀

  • you are too cute. great modeling! looks like you had such a fun time!! My fave is the waistcoat.

  • You are a great model! And the collection is really cool! love the hoodie as well!

  • That is so cool! And it really shows that you had a great time!

  • You’re such a great model Rachel! I love the shots of you in the tulip skirt (and the skirt itself too)

  • Oh my gah, you’re such a hot model! I’m so excited to see more pics!!

  • Congradulations Rachel.. such a pretty model, and everything looked fantastic on you.. sO happy for you..Just wish you could have brought all the lovely things home with you!!!

  • What a super opportunity…looks like a heap of fun…did Rosie make the clothes to your height???? And, do you have a link for Rosie at all – would love to see what she is up to…

    • She did.. She confessed there was times she was very worried because it was so much fabric…

      The titles of the photos goes to her page to the specific instructions for the clothes.

  • Freakin awesome! Congrats on this fabulous collaboration! I love all the photos and can’t wait to see more!

  • This is fantastic! Looks like you had heaps of fun 😀 I’m loving the pleated skirt- simple but fantastic in that fabric!

  • You are a star! In no particular order are the things that made my jaw drop: your modeling skills, gorgeous clothes, shoes collection, beautiful fabric from the Rosie’s stash? 🙂

  • What a win-win for you both! Excellent stuff and thanks for sharing, it’s always cool to see the behind the scenes!

  • Rachel, you are a natural model!! You look like you’re having a ball! And the collection looks so interesting too. Thanks for these photos and a peep behind the scenes…

  • looks like you had loads of fun

  • Congrats! What a fun thing to do! You look stunning in these photos.

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  • I’m so proud of you Rach. You looked stunning.

  • What a model! Really interesting to see behind the scenes.

  • You look fab!

  • Congratulations on such a fun-looking opportunity – you look gawjuss!!!

  • You were born to be a model!!! xo

  • so many awesome looks! The romper is my absolute favourite – pose and outfit 🙂

  • Wow – Rachel you make a stunning model :)!!

  • You are a fabulous model!!! Love all of the fashions and colors, especially the waistcoat!

  • Too bad you couldn’t keep the pieces! I love the collection but especially the mood board she gave you. Great vision!