Sewing influences… Have you got any?

My sewing started as a reflection of my wardrobe, with similar choices of shape and fabric.
I am also inspired by fashion magazines, catwalk shows, high street and you, of course.

The more I get involved and meet up/talk to with other sewists, the more I feel it had opened my sewing horizons for all sorts of influences. Isn’t wonderful?

Any clearer example than this multiplication of magpie fabric…

Self Draft Dress: Me
Tiny Pocket Tank: Karen {Did You Made That}
Self Drafted Batwing Top: Zoe {So, Zoe…What do you know}
Dixie_DYI swing Top: Alana {LazyStitching}
Still waiting Marie {Sewing Odyssey}use her fabric….

Pattern? .. hide my credit card pls…Bought recently books and 6 new patterns because another sewist were wearing the garments so beautifully. Social media is terrible for your purse!LOL

How about you. What influences your sewing?
  • Tell me about it Rachel…I’m constantly buying stuff on the back of what other bloggers have just made!!! In fact I too have some of this fabric, but I’ve not got round to using it yet and yes, my purse is screaming at me! By the way, I don’t know how I missed your bird dress originally, but it’s seriously stunning!

  • I must admit that I am starting to style stalk some of my fave bloggers. There is so much to discover out there that this makes it easier in a way. And I’ve tried some fab patterns I would never have known about otherwise 🙂

    • Indeed, same for me… I sometimes re-look a pattern that at first I dismissed…

  • Oh gosh, I can’t even deal with how easy it is to get inspired by other bloggers! Soooo bad for my budget! But it’s so fun to see what everyone is making!

    • I know.. its so exciting and hard to resist… I blown my budget so many times…

  • Rachel, you are so right.. I will see something beautiful that someone has made on a blog.. I write the pattern # down, and start looking for it.And if it is a vintage or older pattern, of course I head straight to ebay or etsy.. [Kenny told me the other day, when a package came in the mail. “you will never sew all those patterns”.. My reply, “I know!! But, I love dreaming anyway” lol
    SO, I am definitely influenced by other bloggers ..But also , by strangers I see in town.. Just looking at different fabrics or garments.. SO fun..

    • Oh Judy, I LOVE your answer.. all those possibilities to explore..

  • Other bloggers and social media – twitter is a shocker because it’s such a conversation flow you tweet yourself into a purchase!
    I also find new pattern releases all too tempting – hello Gertie & Colette LOL
    Often I dismiss a pattern and then see a blogger make it up and think ‘hang on I might need that pattern after all…’

  • What’s even MORE dangerous is that we are all enablers!! lol

    I have to say, at first I was definitely more easily swayed by what others were doing but now I find my inspiration from others more general; like I’m inspired by techniques and how each person will make a pattern their own.

    For me, I’m trying to focus now on making things I will love to wear too. Even if the influence from others isn’t direct or obvious, it’s there in that way at least 🙂

    • I love the way you are taking your inspirations… I think I will follow your advice.. Im trying to learn more constructions techniques too…

      thanks for sharing !!!

  • i totally agree with the others – bloggers are definitely the worst enablers for me. and big new pattern releases. I am currently awaiting the tiramisu dress from Steph at 3 Hours Past, and have recently bought Gertie’s book, Colette’s Juniper and Anise patterns. I am now trying to focus on what I need to wear – my wardrobe clearout has helped that a lot, and so I can aim to fill those gaps. But them I see a lovely new dress pattern and I’m sold! Glad the new Colettes weren’t dresses tho – I think I have enough. But trying to focus mainly on separates.

    • Trying to focus on separates its a great idea because they can be used more…

      creating a mini wardrobe could be a good incentive too…

  • I just have read the book about Dior so now I want to make new-look dress%))