The “i’m not a quitter” macaroon!

coletedressmacaroon colette,macarrondress
The Facts
Inspiration: Sew Colette 2.0
Fabric: 97% cotton with 3% Stretch
Size: 08-10 US
Year: Modern
Notions: Self made bias on the neckline
Time to complete: Don’t get me started on how many hours my muslins took… I would say that the dress  was made using the whole week.
Did the pattern turn out like the picture or drawing? After all my alterations, yes.
Did you make any alterations or modifications? You can see the fit alterations,here.
Will you make it again? Unsure, it looks ok but I’m not very happy with the final result. 
What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: I disliked the curved waistband and I’m in LOVE with the sleeves.
Did you use new skills or a particular skill: Bias.
Total cost: The fabric as a gift in a swap from gorgeous Katie of Monkeysocks
Photo shoot camera: Samsung P210 + Gorilla tripod
Is there any version current on the High street? Yes, I think the bodice front is very trendy right now.
  • Despite all the problems you’ve had with the Macaron, this looks stunning Rachel! I really hope you can forgive and forget and that you get loads of wear out of it, the colour’s lovely on you!

    • Thanks Marie, as its getting colder, I’m sure I will make more use of it next wear and i will have forgotten the hardship of fit.

  • You look smashing – as always! I agree with you, the sleeves of this pattern are just perfect. I was going to make a sleeveless version. So glad I didn’t!

    • the sleeves really make the pattern special. I’m glad you didn’t skip it either

  • it looks lovely – well done for persevering! what a great print!

    • thanks. Its nice to feel accomplished after facing a fit challenge

  • gorgeous, lady!

  • it may have been a total pita but the fit looks pretty damn good now!

  • Rachel, the fit came out so well. You did a fabulous job and the effort you put into it shows.

    • Thanks Mela. I almost cried in so much frustration but I’m glad i didn’t quit

  • Rachel, so proud you finished it.Looks fantastic on you.. I so agree the sleeves are so cute.. Love your fabric choice too.. Sorry it caused you so much trouble..

    • Thanks Judy, I hope you feeling better. Been praying for your speed recovery!

  • Well done on persevering Rachel, it looks like a great fit. I would really like to make this dress but it seems like so much trouble to get a good fit, I don’t know if I can face it!
    So lovely to see you again at the weekend
    K x

  • yay! my fabric has been used to make something super pretty! Love it! I’ve been far to scared to tackle my macaron!

  • Law

    Cool dress. It’s nice to see this pattern made up with only one one colour/ print fabric rather than a different coloured yoke/sleeve bit. Looks fab fit-wise!

    • thanks. I think its a bit more grown up however the photos don’t capture the details . you can see the different pinches better live

  • What a flattering shape! This looks lovely on you (like freakin’ EVERYTHING does, you fox you!)!

  • You did so good! The fit is perfect!

  • so so nice!!

  • All the hard work paid off. You look gorgeous!

  • This looks lovely! I have found Macaron to be a bit of a fiddle with fitting in the past and it seems you’ve conquered that right here. The print looks fabulous and the finished piece is really cohesive being all in one print. Love your work!

  • So glad you stuck with this design. The fabric really works on you.

  • There ain’t nothing quite like a red dress 🙂 Very lovely!

  • It really does look good, I really like this length on you too. Well done for getting there in the end!

  • It’s cute! Why don’t you like it?

  • i’m sorry the muslins too so much time 🙁 but i think the end result looks awesome! it fits you really well. i’m always impressed with how good this style looks on so many different body types. you look amazing!!

  • totally worth the bleeding fingers – it looks fabulous! x

  • Rachel, your dress looks lovely – great attention to the fitting. I know that muslining/toiling can be an enormous pain to do, but your dress shows that great result. Love the colour also – so vibrant.

  • Today my friend Cris came to visit me and told me the dress looks better in person then the photos.. maybe I’m just been hard on myself