The Muslin Diaries…

Macaron…. Full of interesting design details and so many wonderful versions online…
How could I resist to it’s charms… I even got an added motivation when Sew Colette 2.0 moved their deadline to Sept 09.

Well, what can I saw about it… the fitting journey has been hard, specially because it marks the re start of sewing after months and months of burning desire to sew and as the outfit it’s almost done I am not sure If I like it.
I never before did official muslins for any outfit. NEVER! However I could not figure out a way to length the pattern flat because the way the top yoke and darts connect so making a muslin would be my safest bet.

With small incentives during the work, I bought classes, patterns, books.. all to keep at focus on the finishing task ( or torture myself..) One of It was Craftsy Couture Dress by Susan Khalje.

I watched the “muslin’ session of the class and I intent to use this technique every time I decide to do a muslin. I highly recommend the class and I hope to be making that dress sometime soon.

Without much do… Here is Muslin N1of the original pattern:

Accordingly with the pattern measurement table the right size would be a 12. As you can see, there are loads of excess fabric on the top yoke front and back, and the bust darts looked at the wrong hight.

5 muslins versions later, I ended up with:

Size 10-8, improved with elimination of excess fabric by creating dead darts
Redrafted the darts from the back yoke
Lengthen the pattern bodice

My fingers weren’t ready for so much intensive sewing ….

Do you find it hard when returning to sewing after a long period of abstinence or do you feel you lost some skills when not in use ?

  • You look like you need to invest in a thimble!!

    • I got a beautiful one I that my mother in law gave me but I cannot use it.

  • Omg, Rachel! Your fingers! You tortured yourself. as for the dress, i had similar issues, and i just gave up at the time because of other priorities… Looking forwardto ur version. What fabrucs are u going to use.

  • I do feel for your fingers. Mine are recovering from sewing up a storm last month. There were a few adjustments I made to my version and I know I’d like to tweak it a bit.

    Is the spotted layer fabric or paper?
    I’m looking forward to seeing your version 🙂

  • Ouch! You went too hard on yourself! I’ve experienced a nightmare of Pastille muslin. After 4 muslins I gave up. Please, don’t torture your fingers anymore!

  • Very impressed with your commitment. I always find I have a problem fitting Colette patterns too

    • I love their details and sleeves but I’m thinking my body type don’t fit their patterns

  • Oh dear. Now I see what you were talking about. I actually have this pattern lined up as a possible project, so I am quite interested in how yours will turn out. And get yourself a thimble woman. lol

  • Ouch, your poor fingers! I have my Macaron muslin cut out and ready to sew, but I’m scared to go ahead with it now after your headache with it!

  • wow – 5 muslins! that’s perseverance! are you tall? i find that their patterns are very short in the body so i have to add a lot more length than usual. i often add 2-2.5″ (and move the bust darts down about 1″) but in this, i added 1″ to the yoke, 2″ to the bodice (and moved the dart) and i still feel the top could be 1″ longer. oh and 3″ to the skirt!

    • Yes, I’m 6 ft ( 1.82) … Thanks for tips.. I will keep in mind for the other patternsv

  • Wow, such diligence! Looks like tough work, but I’m sure the outcome will be worth it…the Macaron is just too cute.

  • I’m finding it hard to get back into sewing right now too, even though I sorely miss it. I stopped for about a month & a half as I was moving. Good job takign the time to do the Macaron up right though!

    • Im finding quit hard my return. I feel because I want so bad its not going as smoothly as It could

  • OMG 5!!! I would have given up on that one!! You definitely have some patience! I’m sure it will be all worthwhile too!

  • I definitely felt like I didn’t know how to sew when I got back into it recently. I kept making the dumbest mistakes. I almost started crying! But quickly it felt as if I hadn’t been gone from the sewing table and things fell into place.

  • I admire your hard work and can’t wait to see the finished product!

    • Oh Erin, How hard I try to fit the timescale.. I’m not sure if I like my dress !

  • I feel your pain of starting up after a break. It’s hard. The muslin looks great though! I can’t wait till you finish the dress. Macaron is one of my favorite colette dresses.

    • Hi Natalie, thanks.. I feel i am a bit lost with my skills so I hope that more i continue to work on I can return to my stride..

  • Ooh, your muslin looks perfect!! Can’t wait to see the finished dress!

  • Your poor fingers..ouch ..that hurts. Oh..but getting back into the sewing world… so nice, isn’t it?
    You have lots of patience. 5 muslins …. I would have long ago gave up on that
    Hope you end up loving the finished product.. Happy sewing and so happy your back..Missed your lovely post.