Brazilian Fabric Designer Bebel Franco

I always try to keep up with design trends from home and I recently discovered designer Bebel Franco.
She graduated in fashion at Studio Berçot; Paris and in 2009 started her textile journey. 

haven’t found a distributor for her work here in Europe and I written to her to ask more information.I really hope it comes one day because her fun and bright style would make those grey and foggy days so much happier…

Enjoy her work:
Disclaimer, all the images below were taken from Bebel’s page.

Amazing, isn’t it? Why not check her page for more inspiration.

  • wooow… how beautiful designs!
    I love the first wall and pillows… mrrr 🙂

  • What beautiful fabrics.. Love the ones with the birds on them.. OH……… I just love them all.. Thanks for sharing.

  • Drooling over the wooden loveseat with the green fabric and big, pink flowers! That would make me smile to sit on every day!!

  • Wow! How cool! The pink one with the birds is especially cute!

  • Very Brasilian%)) So bright!

  • Thanks for sharing! Those colours are divine! Such fun prints.

  • Oooh nice!! I love the pink sofa.

  • Adorei!

  • I love the fabric on the cushion. Thank you for sharing. It is gorgeous

  • I would buy everything. I’m going to try to track down a distributor in Canada / US too.