Crafting afternoon…

Today, I had a wonderful time with Mela. I will miss her so much when she reallocate back to USA so we though a sewing date was on order and an opportunity to her to visit  my new sewing room.
For her visit I made bacon and cheese scones and carrot cake with caramel filling and dark chocolate frosting.
After browsing my books we decided to make Christmas decorations.

Gary and Rupert cannot wait until christmas so they can be showcased in their handmade glory!
 Mela speedy stitching gave her time to sew the a holly too and how nice of her to give it to me!
I will treasure forever!
  • Oh what a perfect way to spend time with a friend. And what a perfect hostess you are x

    • We had a blast. we need to catch up Janene, let me know when you are free for drinks!

  • Cal

    That cake is sooooooo calling my name!

  • Thanks for the great afternoon!

  • Crafternoon!

  • So proud you got to spend a good day with your friend Mela. And the food looks too wondrful.. I love making Christmas ornaments..Gifts like that are so treasured. Know you will miss her.

  • What a fun day!

  • Aaaw, you guys are so cute! Looks like you had so much fun, I love the decorations you both made!!! We’re all going to miss Mela, she’s such a fun and talented lady!

    • I asked her to reconsider going to the meet up as a lot of people would love to say their goodbyes

  • Kay

    What did you think of the book as I have thought about gettig it but it has very bad reviews on Amazon? Also, I loved the pincushion swap and wondered if there was any chance of another one soon?

    • both projects we made were lovely. Explanations are all made by photo step by step. Maybe a bit overpriced but lovely!