UFO: Unwelcome crotch design!

I don’t know about you but every time I think I have tackled all my unfinished projects, more seems to appear. I wonder if they feel threaded to extinction in this house and somehow they react into procreating!
This project started for the Sew Weekly ‘Trend” theme back in jun and it’s a current UFO!!!
My rational was: Print and Pj style pants/trousers were big trends during summer and by using my self draft trousers for the job and with an elastic waist would mean a very quick and easy project for my busy self. Hands up for easy when busy!
The pattern fits very nicely, the issue here my readers, it’s because the way the pj’s pattern was drafted there wasn’t a way that I could see the junction of prints and GOSH It’s embarrassing!!!!
I will probably finish it to use as Pyjamas instead of trendy trousers as it would be difficult to find the right pattern that the print wouldn’t form something crazy. I look at this as ask myself ‘WTF you were thinking when you choose this’.
Anyhow… I spend hours ‘finding’ different  shapes in the crotch.. so what can you see??
  • Your post has really made me giggle! But who would have thought you’d get such an ‘interesting’ result? πŸ˜‰ Ah well, every girl needs PJs!

  • lol!! I see an excited blue cat person – awesome ^_^

    • Lol.. I only saw the cat after I read your comment and now it’s jumping out …

  • Excellent! They have butterfly crotch! I bet they’ll make great p.j.s though πŸ™‚

  • Brilliant, I must admit this made me giggle too πŸ™‚ I see a butterfly and some sort of sea creature! lol

  • he he he. oh dear, that is some unfortunate pattern placement. Thanks for the chuckle. I hope they make comfy pjs.

  • What a laugh these PJ’s will give you each time. I can see the butterfly, but also 2 long-necked birds with fluffy heads chatting away…reminds me of those psychiatrist pictures “Now what do you see in this picture?????”

  • Definitely a butterfly! And what timing as well – I have just bought some fabric with the intention of sewing some patterned pants, white background with blue flowers and vines running up along the bias…. and now I’m panicking, thinking that it might be better as a ‘Horrockses’ dress instead!

  • This is so awesome! I see a Siamese cat, but I’ll keep looking… Like some kind of magical wearable magic eye

  • I see something very funny!%)) So when you are sad you can look in the mirror and smile%)))

  • I’m not going there…..nope….not going there…. πŸ˜€

  • Who would have thought! LOL I’m sure they’ll make great fun pj’s though.

  • Ok, maybe a paisley portal to hell is not how you like to think of your nethers, but it is a very cool print!

  • oh my!!! it’s a pity because the print is lovely πŸ™‚

  • I say, make a long top and wear the pants. The print is far too cute to only be seen between the sheets. A long, tunic type top would be cute and the crotch pattern will remain your secret, except for the fact that you’ve shared it with all of us!!!!! Don’t worry, your secret is safe with us;)

  • Cal

    Oh wow! Yes I get why you would not wear them out, unless you want to make a statement, like, a visual representation of my internal reproductive organs, or something along those lines!

  • ha ha ha!! I see a hairy spider!

  • !!!!!

    Wow. Hate it when that happens!

  • Wow, that is the weirdest Rorschach blot I’ve ever seen!

  • Well. I have to say given my sense of humor and seditious nature I’d wear them out in public anyway. For once they’ll stare at something other than my breasts.

  • haha this is funny! I doubt anyone would stare in the streets but it is funny how once you see it you cannot unsee it!

  • Hehehe love it! x

  • I see a cat hugging ovaries ))) nice print but, agree, tough to place