Apronalong the reveal!

Karen’s Apronalong was very fun. The pattern chosen was so beautiful but as I already have so many different patterns I decided to not buy it and follow all the tips and guest post ideas on my finish my apron.

Fabric: Art Gallery Alhambra II. There are two complementary fabrics. The front bodice where is the neckline and skirt was AH425. The neck tie, waistband and side bodice was AH427. They complement each other so well and are so luxurious! I could make a whole dress out of it.

To know where to buy locally you can check Hantex Find Stockist page.
Pattern: Front panel Mccall’s 5971 for the sweetheart neckline, gathered a self drafted skirt

Year: Contemporary

Notions: Ric rac for decoration 
  • Love it. Evokes a little Dita Von Teese, but without being too over the top.

  • It’s adorable Rachel! And I’m determined to return to try some of your recipes!!

  • So cute!

  • you have no right to be so slim when you bake so many wonderful cakes………………. Your apron is really cute.

  • Wowee! Never has an apron looked so sexy! And all those recipes – you’re a queen in the kitchen. Thank you so much, and for taking part.

    • Thank you again for been the wonderful hostess of this sew along. So much fun.

  • Oh my goodness Rachel, I agree with Karen…your apron is so sexy! I reckon you could totally wear it as a dress, that’s how pretty it is!

    • I am very temped to get more art gallery fabric and sew a dress like that. Thanks for wonderful met up on Saturday

  • What a lovely apron. You make something that was meant to cover and protect a pretty dress look good enough to wear on its own!

  • I actually thought it was a dress for a moment, it looks fantastic great job.

  • Swoon gorgeous apron! xx

  • Trust you to make an apron look smokin!

  • That apron is so nice – I’d quite happily pop to the supermarket in it.

  • Very cute! Apron added to things-to-sew-on-Sundays list!

    • Oh you should and I recommend the sew along with the gorgeous vintage pattern

  • What a pretty apron! I love the fabrics and the ric rac is so cute! Your recipes look heavenly – where did you find that amazing home made cookie stamp??

  • Love your apron.. and the fabric is adorable.. And all those recipes..look so yummy.. I can feel the pounds coming on me, just looking at them.lol
    Enjoy your new apron..Looks so cute on you.

  • Some gorgeous fabric, and you look amazing in it. Tempted to try some of your baking too, as I have the day off work today! 🙂

  • I really love the shape of this! I’m a sucker for a sweetheart neckline. Love the fabrics too.

  • This is too cute for staying home!

  • Trust you to make an apron look sexy 🙂 Looks fab!

  • I love the sweetheart neckline and the fabric choice – adorable!

  • Your apron is beautiful, love your fabric choce. You are very talented. I think I’d put on weight just thinking about baking those cakes! 🙂

  • This is just gorgeous – I am surprised anyone notices food when you are about!
    You are such a talent and have a great eye for colour and design – it’s always a delight to read what you post. x

  • Delightful!

  • Oooh I really like that pattern!

  • Beautiful fabric! What a gorgeous apron!

  • I love the sweetheart neckline paired with this fantastic print! The ric rack is such a fantastic addition – well done!