Can I have that, Please? Birmingham Meet Up

I am a bit late posting my accounts of the fabulous day, where I and other 15 wonderful sewists met in Birmingham. A wonderful way to spend a saturday, organised by two darling hosts: Marie and Kat. I will try to not be repetitive on what we did but I will share my buys and gorgeous swaps I came home with.

Oh my way there I indulged myself on my favourite transportable hobby… I am such a slow knitter and I find embroidering such a instant gratification project. I am making lots of small sewing related samples that I will later use as appliqués on a quilt or sewing caddy. I haven’t decided.

I didn’t take my camera with me, Booo.. and its seens most of us took some phone pictures. They are so unflattering that I will post it with caution. I totally cringed at the most unflattering photo of myself I have ever seen live on the internet to the world to see so I don’t want to inflict that on anyone. 
It actually made me think on how lighting and body position can be our worst enemy and totally affect the perception of the outfit. Keep an eye for my future tips on how to take more flattering self pictures…
Like every meet up the outfits are always amazing to see it live, some of us even sport more than one made item at a time.. looking a Karen with her at the time unblogged Alma, minori jacket and that cute bag I spotted in the corner. 

I bet if I kept looking I would notice a lot more but I guess staring at each other can look a bit weird for the outside world.

It seens that a lot of people still think its weird when we tell them that we all met because of our blogs (internet) and our hobby is sewing. Why there is still a stigma of people getting together online or that sewing its a nana’s thing where when its a ‘fan club’ of music or sport people think it’s more acceptable I don’t know.

Talking about all those gorgeous outfits, my ultimate favourite was Katie’s… Oh that cape is to so well made and gorgeous. I wish I could wear it.

And guess what? Winnie and I decided that we would go as twins LOL. Can you believe its the same pattern? Oh yes… sewing rocks.

So what did I get on the swap:

Thank you, Marie, Katie ,Stef, Helen and Suzy. They went to a very loving home.

And what did I buy:

Two jewel-coloured ponte Knit for more comfy winter dresses at £2 p/m.
This spurge 100% wool in trendy metallic plaid for Gertie’s high waist pencil skirt £11.95 p/m
And this cosy knit for Dixie new free pattern at £2//m
A total outlay of £24. Not bad at all.

Here are everyone’s blogs. Well worth reading this fabulous ladies:

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  • Lovely round-up Rachel, so glad you had fun! I adore the picture of you and Winnie, you are both gorgeous and it shows how versatile a sewing pattern can be!!!

    • Thanks again, what a wonderful day together.. its always so nice having a change to catch up.

  • Nice pics too Rachel! I like our twinnies pic 🙂
    So you did get some of that grey knit for the sweater too….me too, although not sure what i will make yet, it’s a toss up between the sweater and ….yep, a dress!!

    • yes, in the end when you asked me i was quite confuse after so many fabric shops. Im using that for the hot cocoa sweater which i will grade it today.. i maybe make the sweater as a dress lol..

      I loved out photo and its always a pleasure meeting you!

  • It looks like a fab day! The Alice in Wonderland fabric is beautiful – you’ll look stunning in it (as always!)

  • looks like you all had a ball – meet-ups are great aren’t they

  • Rachel, so proud you girls had so much fun.. Love all the new fabrics.. Can’t wait to see what you make?
    All the outfits the girls wore,were beautiful.[love the twin dresses.cute]

  • What a fabulous day! I love your fabric purchases. I am eyeing up some Ponte Knit for my stash, too. I just love Katie’s style – that cape is awesome! Your dress is amazing – one of my favourites you’ve made. *sigh* I am slightly jealous that I couldn’t be there – all thanks to being on the other side of the Atlantic!

  • Rachel, it was fabulous to see you again and to see that gorgeous dress in real life. I’ll give you a shout the next time I’m in London! x

  • It was so lovely to meet you this weekend Rachel! Glad the pattern’s gone to a good home – better that than sitting in my stash unused!

  • That looks like so much fun! Actually, that looks like a dream day!

    And I also don’t get why people get weirded out when people with common interests meet via the internet…

  • Was this Birmingham, Alabama? Or is there a Birmingham in the UK and I’m just totally clueless? In any case, looks like great fun!

  • I’ve seen so many posts on this – looks like you ladies all had a delightful day! I’m a bit jealous 🙂 Can’t wait for some tips on taking better pics too!

  • What a marvelous meet-up! Your Gertie pencil skirt is going to be positively stunning in that fabric!

  • I like the vogue pattern that you swapped. You should look great in this dress.

  • How fun! What a great day!