The “Ikat” dress.

The Facts 
Fabric: Jersey £2 per metre bought during Walthamstow blogger’s meet up.
Size: ‘M’ for neck and side seams (Used ‘L’ on the length on everything else)
Pattern: Dress pattern from Sew U simplicity with modifications.
Did you make any alterations or modifications? Yes. I made de sleeves and bodice longer, added shaping darts on the waist and skirt front and back, used  self made bias.The sleeve cap was reduced. Thanks to Dana Grey, that send me great links (Armhole fit & Sleeve Fiton sleeve fitting on my peony post. I really appreciate all your advice on fitting so keep them coming!
ikatdress layout
I think because of the modification, the sleeve of the dress looks so much better than the sleeves on the tunic. I feel that this pattern is so simple and adding darts really helps to showcase my hourglass shape. 
Loose clothes make me look bigger that I am, while a fitted dress will highlight the smaller parts while this clever print hides my no-no areas (arms). Winner!
To create the skirt darts start by deciding how deep you want them (mine varies between 1 or 2 cm). This pattern my skirt darts were 1 cm wide and my front drat was 2cm. For the back dart, measure 12 cm and connect on the top. For the front, measure 10 cm. I learned it on a drafting class.
The curved nature of the skirt waist ‘mess up’ the print to the point I though I had cut/sew wrong but when I was making the layout modifications for the post I realised it’s the curved shape of the skirt that affected the print so If I want to avoid that in the future I must change the skirt design, flattening the waist.
HRH thinks the effect made my hips bigger but I think the effect made my waist smaller.

ikat6modifTo create a short version without being too revealing I only trimmed once I had the dress ready. I also left the hem ‘resting’ overnight before I sew it.

Year: Contemporary 
Notions: Self made bias.
Time to complete: Few hours on a raining sunday afternoon. 
First worn: Oct 2012

Will you make it again? Yes, I will make so many versions because it’s easy to wear, comfortable, fits my figure well and I can layer for winter.
What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: It’s simple, quick and versatile.

Total cost: £2,50 for the fabric. The book cost £6 but I already made 2 outfits.
Conclusion: This book is not only full of great info on how to use knit fabrics, the patterns are simple enough to modify to personal taste and shape. I’m really happy with this dress and I know it will be a stable!
  • What a fabulous dress! I love the fabric, and the shape does suit you well. That’s half the battle with sewing, isn’t it- figuring out what works for us! 🙂

  • Gorgeous Rachel, gorgeous!!! I so want this book now ;o) The print/colour of the jersey is amazing on you and the fit of the dress is soooo flattering. I also love your ‘vampy’ makeup!

  • Love your dress. The fit is great.. Love what you did with the pattern.. Pretty fabric, looks pretty with the fall leaves.. Happy sewing.

  • I love your photos, they always look so glam <3
    Great dress babe.

  • Looks like a perfect fit. The fabric really suits this style and you fit into the season too. Neat!

  • Another beautiful outfit! I think many people underestimate Sew U series of books: they are a great source of information!

  • What a fab dress Rachel! It fits you beautifully, and I’m really interested in your shaping. I’ve made the same style and did my shaping through the side seams, darts didn’t occur to me, I don’t know whether its because I never think of darts + knits…..obviously a blind spot of mine!

  • Go Walthamstow – that looks fabulous on you

  • A totally hawt creation – love it and it on you!

  • This looks great – must get down to Walthamstow and check out the fabrics! Very Missoni.

  • that looks great and I like your photoshoot, you look like a model. that fabric is so on-trend. Fantastic.

  • Wow, this dress is a 10 out of 10! It flatters you beautifully and it looks so easy to wear. I love the long sleeve sheath dress look.

    The print is fantastic! I can see what you mean about the print at the waist but if you hadn’t pointed it out, I never would have noticed. You could easily make this out of a solid or non-linear print and it wouldn’t matter at all.

    If I were you I would be tempted to make about 5 of these dresses and wear them all winter. Great work!

  • I love this dress! Fabulous on you and what an absolute bargain!

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  • the fit of that dress is fantastic! i particularly love the way the print pattern works with the structure.

  • this is a knockout dress! i love it! great for fall. and i love wendy mullin’s books. i pretty much learned how to sew knits/alter patterns from her books.

  • I love this!! It’s so hot! You look amazing!

  • Gorgeous, I love the fabric choice too!

  • Great dress Rachel – even lovelier in person to 🙂
    P.S. The book – is the pattern from the “Sew U Home Stretch” book, or the “Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe” book please? (I’m at work and can’t see the stretch book until I get home LOL!).

    • Thanks for the text the other day Rachel! (For anyone wondering the dress pattern used is from the “Sew U Home Stretch” book).

  • This dress is lovely! I have been thinking about getting that book, as well.