While I am gone… will be quiet out here…

My dears, you already know I am off to NY to meet my family for ‘Thanks Giving’. Not a brazilian tradition however this Christmas we are each spending apart in 3 different countries so we decided to met up before and have some family time. I’m sad that HRH, due work commitment, won’t be able to join. I think he will be glad to have some quality free time at home away from a loud Brazilian family… Since we had met from Xmas in Brazil and London in the last 2 years, it was only fair to travel to my brother’s place in NY. 
My brother,mom, dad and me in London!
Hopping to meet as many talented sewists as possible ( If you are in NY email me) and hit the shops.. not only the fabric ones.
There aren’t any guess posts planned so the blog will be officially on holiday for the next 10 days!
I promise to tell all about it when I am back… you can watch me on instagram!
Happy Sewing!
  • Have a lovely time and an enjoyable break.

  • Wish you a nice holidays!%)

  • Enjoy!

  • Have a happy Thanksgiving! I bet it will be a fun one. 🙂

  • Have fun!!!

  • Have fun! Too bad about the hubby 🙁 have lots of shopping time!

  • Kat

    Have a great time! So jealous of your New York shopping! You’re definately in for Secret Santa right? Think I have your address already xx

  • Have fun

  • Oh have a lovely time Rachel, I know how precious the time to meet with family is! I’m in Cyprus seeing mine right now…not quite NYC though ;o)

  • Rahcel,
    So happy you got to go to NY and meet with your family.. Hope you all have lots of fun.. And much enjoyment with your family..
    Also, what ever sewers you meet up with..have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Happy shopping, happy family time..
    Can’t wait to see photos ,when you get home..

  • Have a lovely time, Rachel!! I’ll actually be going to NYC on day after you are back, on Dec. 1st.! As unfortunate as the timing will be in terms of crossing paths, the timing will be perfect in terms of reading your shopping recommendation! Keep an eye out for the good deals at Mood!! 😉 Have fun! Adrienne xo (allstyleandallsubstance.com)

  • Have a fabulous time! Let me know how long you will be in ny for!