My sewing room, the progress so far

  • Looks lovely Rachel … you must be very pleased … Bee x

    • thanks Bee, I am delighted to have the space to be messy as I want and just close the door behind me after..

  • Love it- I love the pop of red… the window you can look out of… Someday I hope to have a “room” to sew in! Right now I have taken over the work desk in our family room and loaded the ping pong table with all the projects I want to make by Christmas!… but someday…..:)

    • I am still pinching my self that I manage to convince HRH to change all the furniture of the second bedroom to be more functional sewing space. No visitors now…

  • wow – i’m so jealous of your natural light! looks gorgeous and so organised!

    • Organised for so little while.. lol.. now is a mess. But every new project I clean and tidy it back so its nice to start a project with a clear space.

  • I love the thread-holder-thing. I just finished my sewing room makeover. My room is much smaller I think and is also a walkin closet. Still I think it turned out very well.

  • It looks so nice! Lucky you having a dedicated sewing space.

  • I’m coveting that thread holder so much!

    • Its such a cute detail… doesn’t hold all my threads, they are on the cookie tin with the london design inside the draw but makes me smile.

  • Great space – absolutely love the thread holder and your sewing dummy scissor holder 🙂

    • The sewing dummy was a necklace holder, spotted by my Dad. He is the greatest!

  • It’s looking great, there’s no doubt what takes place in there !!! It also looks like you’ve thought it all through very carefully to bring style and practicality …gorgeous creative space!! Enjoy it!

    • Thanks Winnie. I want to organise my shelf better but that comes with time…

  • Looking good! I particularly love your thread hanger…where did you get it from?

  • This room is brilliant – the pops of red for highlighting are certainly very ‘you’ – great little area to be totally motivated to create in…

  • I want such long table!!!

  • What a lovely, cozy space!

    • Thanks Sarah,,, big enough for 2, so its nice when my friend Cris come down and we can chat and sew without interfere with HRH ‘sport watching..’

  • Jen

    I love it! I so wish I had a sewing room. I have a small little corner and a bookshelf to store all my fabric. I am dreaming of the day I get my own room!

  • I’m admiring how clean your space is. And it’s beauty as well.

  • Oh Rachel, your sewing room looks lovely :)! I can just imagine you working away happily in there, or tucked up cosily on the sofa/seat reading a sewing book.

  • Rachel, your sewing room is looking FANTASTIC!!! I love the red color, I love the thread holder, I love the little manequin holding the scissors..
    So organized and clean ….

  • I do have a sewing room and it’s a blessing. But it’s in serious need of a refurb and some windows. I’m loving your window and the light.

  • You lucky thing to have a dedicated room!! Looking good!

  • Ooh, your room is looking great! You must feel so neat and tidy!

  • Beautiful! I love the thread holder. (what’s the real name for those?) Thanks so much for linking up! 🙂

  • It’s beautiful and I love your spool tread rack too! Nice, clean – well lit space!

  • Thanks for linking to your room in my last post! It’s a lovely place to create!