‘Feliz Natal’ Red Dress!

Inspiration: Christmas and poka dot, how can not be merry and perfect for christmas day? 
Pattern: Vogue Very Easy 8615. From swap @ Birmingham Meet up
Fabric: This soft and drapy jersey was in my stash for ages. I don’t remember where I bought it or how much it was. That’s the problem when you buy fabric for the stash a long time ago and don’t have an  efficient organisational system lol. 
Size and alterations: The pattern was originally size 16 and was missing the skirt. Not a problem, I  drafted a similar style skirt with only one lateral seam...  I lengthen the sleeves and the bodice too. The challenge of turning into a size 12 and then making jersey friendly (size 8/10) wasn’t the most problematic part of this project either.  I had the pieces all cut and ready to sew for two weeks  waiting anxiously for my turn on the shared overlocker. I got my hands on it on Sunday and naively thought I should change the grey for a red thread. Oh why !!! Tension went bananas and after 2 hours of troubleshooting various methods  I gave up, using a jersey overcast stitch from my machine. ‘All that waiting for nothing’. I got to fix the overlocker sometime before I start a new project. Did I mention I graded a project over the weekend??
Level: Easy. Its very easy indeed. Its a lovely pattern. I am in love with the side dart!
Pattern skill: Darts, zipper, facings and circular hem.

Year: Modern
Details and Notions: Omitted zipper, self drafted facings
Time to complete: 4 hours on and off. This project should be easily a few hours. Next time I guess will  a really quick makes.

First worn: Dec 14. Went to the Pub for a christmas drink!

Will you make it again? Yes. I am uncertain if I like the length so when I make next time I shawl make it shorter. 

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: I don’t like the boat neckline and I should have changed. My shoulders are narrow and my bra strap peaks out! Nothing that bothers me that much, really!

Conclusion: I love this dress. It’s so comfortable and soft. I am seriously considering sewing more shaped knits. They showcase my waist and slim back to its best and I would never look as slim with a woven fabric as being busty really affect woven tops. I.e This dress finish measurements had a difference of 30 cm between the waist and bust. That perfect transition and balance would not be possible in a woven fabric. I would normally compromise on the waist making it larger.

Sewing TIP:
I called shaped knits, clothes with the same shaped designs, i.e. darts etc, in jersey. 
On the meet up day I explained to to Winnie as we had our twins dress that if you reduce the size on the side seam you stretch the fabric over at once. That mean the same width of fabric been pulled over the different parts of your body. Making where you are larger, more evidently and can show any extra volume as we called bumps and lumps!. If you shape your knits with darts, the stretch width is balanced. meaning that the fabric wont over stretch where you have more volume, making very flattening as its smoothes over the body without squeezing anything. 

Photo shoot camera: Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod. 
  • You look so beautiful!

  • I love this on you Rachel, especially the unexpected lower neckline at the back! I also think you can carry off the length because of your height…totally gorgeous!!!

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    shame about the over-locker, I always think when they work they’r great when they don’t they’r awful 🙁

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  • Amy


  • i’m impressed with your perseverance to not only make the pattern smaller but then adapt it for knits and make a whole new skirt, too. you look great! i love your handmade style and the dotted jersey looks fun and fancy at the same time!

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