Girl must have: Floral and Pokadot Make up brush case…

Just did a trial run for this Roll-up Makeup Brush Case


Pattern:Makeup case

Fabric: Quilters cotton selection from my stash. It didn’t have a label so I don’t know what brand or collection as I buy them pre cut from my local shop.

Did it look like the photo/drawing of the pattern once you were done sewing with it?Yes. I didn’t follow the written instructions just used the photos as reference.

Did you use new skills or a particular skill: I had never tried to sew bias in a curve and its not as hard as I imagined. You can also eliminate the curve and sew mitred corners.

Did you make any alterations or modifications? Yes. I didn’t use the exact measurements as I didn’t have enough so I just fold the main fabric in half to be the final size. 

I didn’t use oilcloth or wadding, instead I interfaced the back and sew ready-made bias for the ties and the corners.The ties bias was sent to me by one of my dear readers!

What would you do differentPosition the ties in the middle and create a label.

I can see potential for christmas gifts… now back to the sewing machine…
  • That came out great, Rachel! Perfect for travel!

  • Great gift idea too! Really cute!

  • Very cute!! I love the fabric you chose!

  • Love it, pretty and practical!

  • Cuuuuute! I did not know I need a make-up case but now, I think, I do 😉

  • really sweet

  • This is gorgeous Rachel, it looks like you chose the fabric especially for me!!!

  • This is cute and would definitely make a great gift. I have to be really careful with my make up brushes as one of my cats loves to chew on them and it’s pretty disgusting to find your brushes covered in cat spit….ugh!

  • That would be a really smart solution for hair sticks and forks as well!

  • This is such a good idea–a great way to keep them clean. Yours came out beautifully; I love the polkadot/floral combo!

  • Soooooo adorable!! Thanks for posting the link to the pattern!

  • I’m so glad you all liked it. X

  • So pretty! I bet you could use this for storing knitting needles or sewing supplies (scissors, seam ripper, etc) too.

  • So lovely! I especially love the floral/polka dot/gingham print combination you’ve chosen. This would be great for knitting and crochet needles too!

  • So cute.. I will have to make Emily [oldest grandaughter] one for Christmas, she will love it.. thanks for sharing.

  • Love it!

  • How cute! What a nice gift!

  • Oooh I need to make this!