My knitting been Jazzed!

Following the fun of making a make up roll and with lots of your comments mentioning the pattern would be great for knitting and crochet hocks sparked my desire to make more. As I’m a fan of large knitting needles and they were “homeless’ I decided to make a bespoke roll for them. 

It only made me want to make a crochet case and bag in the future for a complete set!

Pattern: I used the same idea from the make up roll, measuring my needles so they can fit comfortable in it, dividing in 6 many segments of 5 inches and 2 of 3,5 inches.
Embroidery  design from Sublime Stitching: Craftopia

Fabric: Art Gallery fabricAhambra II is a with very bright and modern print.The bias is the same one I used on the make up tool ties.

Time to complete: 1 hour incl. embroidery.
  • Awesome! I just wish I could be bothered making one for myself. I like to imagine I’d make it but I have to be honest and admit I’d never get round to it! lol!
    It looks great, I love the colours you’ve chosen!

  • That is a cute and very useful little thing! Great idea!

  • That’s so dinky! I love it!

  • Quick, useful and pretty to look at. Nice work.

  • Oh thats so cute! I don’t knit but I need one for….oh, I’ll think of something!

  • I love this! I have too many knitting needles!

  • Ohhh! This is adorbs 😀

  • Gorgeous and very useful! I love your fabric choice.