NY in review… Garment district!

Thank you for been so patient waiting for me to dish out my holiday adventures. I been dragging my feet with jet lag, trying to catch up on the housework, christmas gifts making and shopping and working on last one more sewing project of the year. 
The beginning of my holiday, as my mom haven’t arrived( unfortunately dad couldn’t make it in the end. Shame!!) and my brother was still working, I had 2 free days.

Best of all, I was staying 10 minutes walk from the garment district ! Heaven! 

You probably read Sown Brooklyn & Clio & Phineas versions, so I will try to give you a bit more information comparing the places we been to UK shops. However there is no comparison to the opportunity to gather all you need in the same area. 
The first stop was Metro Textiles to met gorgeous Nettie. I heard a lot about mister Kashi’s haggling skills that I was prepared to negotiate. I didn’t think was much different from the stores in walthatmstow market. Everything was everywhere and when I as put in the spot to ask for what I was searching, I look at my notebook and said: “kasha lining”. He looked confused and even tried to sell me some other types of lining. We left empty handed. No mean feat, I am told!

After we went to Mood. I confess that I was a bit overwhelm by the amount of fabrics separated into sections. No amount of reading about it could compare to what you experience. It’s a tourist destination, people! 
at Mood
My favourite winter fabrics were found here. 
didn’t buy anything either. I guess because I knew I could comeback and wanted to feel the environment, get some inspiration and not carry heavy bolts all day. There is no shop in the UK to compare to!
After all that fabric it was time to grab a hot drink and have a chat. Nettie is such a wonderful soul, I really connected with her and we chatted so much about life little & big things!  

Fully rested we went to Sil Thread to buy a pair of gingher scissors. On the way we found a remnant bin with lovely plaid for $1/y. I have to make something very special as I love buying fabric with others and have sister outfits.

Big Project? (I bought a 8″ dwarfed next to it)

We then went to B&J, making my heart sore with amazing and expensive fabric. In London I would compare to Edgware Road and Soho shops. What intrigued me is that not all the shops are on ground floor but in buildings, taking up whole floors. 

Them off we went to Brooklyn to have lunch at Peaches with Oona and Ginger Make. The restaurant  was a lovely little place with delicious food. I had butternut squash soup, corn bread and sweet potato chips.(french fries??) Some of the food selection on our table:

Epic met! We laugh, drank cocktails and prepared our tactics to advance for some serious sewing pattern buying.

In the wild….
Oona and I took the train back home and exchange some sewing techniques. I have forward shoulders and taught on a napkin how I fix the issue on my patterns. Who would have thought to have a sewing lesson on the packed train home.. lol 
Day one Shopping

I had such a wonderful day I was buzzing specially because I would do the same the next day.

Clio is another amazing person and we have so much in common. I wish we lived closer as I would love to catch up all the time! We will plan a met up in the Uk and I hope I can measure up hosting as gracefully as her. We met at a yummy bakery situated around Rockefeller plaza where we chat animately waiting for Marina. We couldn’t wait to get some tips for her, as we both doing the Burberry Skirt sew along. Marina treated us with these macaroons !!! Delicious.
Selection of our day

We went to Rosen and Chaddick, another posh fabric santurary. Fabrics & FabricsPacific Trimmings , Paron and Spandex world (for a photo!)

A lot of the shops are one after another as you would find the UK streets so we went in and out so many I cannot recall their names. All addresses can be found at the shop the garment district blog.

Plaidtastic shopping!

Day 10. I just did all again by myself as Kelly wasn’t feeling well to met me. 

I think you only learn the geography once you have to navigate yourself and I felt now I really know the garment district. Worth a visit.
Thank you so much to Nettie, Oona, Sonja, Clio & Marina. You made my days in NY really special!

Sewists must have a special gene to make them so wonderful to spend time with!
  • Looks like you had a wonderful time!! I haven’t been in such a long time. I want to go!!!!! Great pics.

    • If I lived where my brother live, I would be hitting the shops all the time… Im glad temptation is far away.

  • Aw, you look like you had an amazing time! The garment district is just overwhelming.

    Speaking of sister outfits – I am planning to use the red dot fabric we bought in Edinburgh soon! I have a project in mind.

    • Oh good. I want to sew a blouse for ages but been chickening out for ages… it will add to the front of the queue for next year.

  • Gah! This looks like such a wonderful trip!! You must have been in absolute HEAVEN!! xx

    • It was Tilly, a great place to travel. I was lucky to have the company of so many creative talent.

  • i only wish i could’ve met you for another drink!! that was the best subway ride ever :))

  • It looks like you had a wonderful trip! And I am sure you took home a few marvelous pieces of fabric to create with… Thanks for sharing!

  • I had such a great time with you!!! I felt as if I had known you forever 😀
    I would do it again in a heartbeat!

  • I am so proud you had such a wonderful trip.. It looks fantastic….
    Thanks for sharing.

  • What a fantastic time!!! I love all of the plaids and notions you picked up, and I’m excited to see what you make first!

  • What a great experience!! I would be so overwhelmed if I ever made it to Mood.

  • Looks like you had a great time! Fabrics & Fabrics is particularly amazing, isn’t it?

  • I am so jealous!! (why can’t we have shops like that here in the u.k) honestly though, you look like you had a brilliant time!!

  • Such a cool trip! Mood Fabris is so cool! I probably spent four hours there leaving a little fortune at their counter.

  • What a fabulous trip! There should be holiday ecursions to somewhere like this …

  • Amazing trip!!! I want now to go there%)))

  • It was SO NICE to meet you! I had so much fun hanging out and digging through patterns with you! I felt so lucky to have an unexpected day off– perfect timing! 🙂

  • Wow, what an awesome time! You lucky thing 😀