Sewing Confessions time, ‘Did you made that’ style!

One of the things I love most on Karen’s Blog: Did you make that is her ability to talk write so well about her inner thoughts and engage us with her daily musings. My ultimate favourite section is the true confessions.

It’s about time I have a little sewing related confessions.

PDF’s Failures encounters

It’s not that I find them difficult, but the added extra step of printing and gluing a PDF pattern really bothers me. Sewing for me isn’t a very quick process and fitting adjustments is always present and complex that I feel that sometimes why should I bother at all with patterns.
I tried  to like PDF’s, I swear, but they always end up as UFO’s.  Maybe my dislike of them causes me to lose my sewjo. I even avoid to be a tester due to the need to sew from a pdf!
Oona challenged me to try Pattern Runaway after I mention I needed to try more independent patterns  and I started the One shoulder Bow dress in time for  her birthday bash. The post about the pattern it’s been sitting on my draft box for 6 months waiting me to actually finish the dress. 

Commitment _phobic

The two big projects I wanted to make in 2012 were a coat and a blouse. Both haven’t been accomplished because there is always a project with better appeal. Underline, the issue is that I’m quite afraid of starting them. Not that I am afraid of failing.. failing it’s an important part of sewing but because the length time the projects would take. My heart desires quick satisfaction these days.
That also affected my quilting and knitting as those take serious time commitment. 
I am suffering from long term project commitment phobia !!!

Sewjo imbalance

Unfortunately we all are likely to suffer for lack of sewing desire and the worst part of the condition it’s the terrible guilty feeling that make us think “I should be sewing instead of watching TV”.

My problem is lack of productivity consistency, where I’m referring as sewjo imbalance. I am always caught up in a roller coaster of high productivity with periods of total unproductiveness. I need to find a routine that fulfil my sewing desire that I can maintain long term.
My sewing life has known lot of idle time as started to fill it during sickness and as I get busier and busier my sewing time have been pushed aside. I need to create a consistent sewing life schedule. I heard a lot of the 15 minutes sewing time, great if it works for others but I cannot work like that. I like full immersion on what I am doing, it’s part of the pleasure of a hobby! I know that in future creating 10 outfits in 2 months isn’t really a realistic target. More like 4 if easy or 1 if complex but a consistent productivity.
Do you suffer from any of those? Anything you want to confess too? Go on… I am so curious!

  • I definitely suffer from some of these! I like to get started on a new project right away, and those PDF patterns just seem like such a time-consuming extra step when I just can’t wait to finish something new! That being said, I’m always looking forward to starting something new, so I rarely start (or complete) bigger projects because they just seem so daunting! Other confessions: I ALWAYS have way too much fabric, and way too many patterns to finish in the near future, yet I continue to buy more every time I’m out! I just can’t get enough!

  • I know a lot of people don’t like pdf patterns but to me they are a time saver since you can usually cut out your size directly – no tracing required and there is no searching the store’s poorly organized files for the pattern. Also no waiting for the pattern in the mail so I can get started on a project right away.

  • Excellent post Rachel.
    I must confess: I buy fabric/pattern/notions for a particular sewing item.. I am all excited, but before I get the chance to sew that.. I see a garment some one has made, or I venture into another pattern or fabric sale and “of course” I see something else that cathces my eye.. The first thing you know, I forgot the first 5 things that I intended to make!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then I have so many projects, I don’t know what to start on next. I wish I could get into better control of this.
    I too, do not like PDF patterns, The cutting and taping of all these peices of paper,is just too time consuming for me.I had rather spend that time sewing.
    I also have the problem of balancing my sewing with other chores ..Should I sew?should I be cleaning? should I make something for one of the grandkids? Or is it ” my turn?” ha

  • I confess I have too much fabric and I still manage to find something to add to the growing stash even though I KNOW I shouldn’t. I confess I have too many patterns. I will never be able to use them all. I confess I have way too many unfinished projects and am trying to finish some of them. I confess my sewing work area is a mess right now because I keep on bringing new projects in… Ahhhh- I feel so much better now that I have confessed!

    • Oh! Did you write about me? Too mush fabric, too many patterns, too many projects at once, that’s why there are so many UFO. Also too many ideas also, what I want to do!%))))

  • I had a real phobia about starting my coat project, but eventually I realised it was because the fabric wasn’t right. I try not to beat myself up about what I ought to be sewing though – only sew what’s fun! And if that means no PDFs and no huge detailed projects then that’s ok. What you make is beautiful! And one day you’ll probably find a huge project that you want to make so much you won’t hesitate.

  • I definitely suffer from this too. Some of it is laziness (darn you, Internet!), sometimes it’s time, but it’s mostly cheapness. I have a hard time justifying big products to myself, especially since I’m on a shoestring college budget. I’ve found that the best way to cut through this is to start a project immediately. The more I put it off, the more unlikely it becomes. So impulse buys actually work for me. 🙂
    As for PDFs, I’m also not a fan of cutting and taping them together, but the quickness factor ( and relative cheapness) means I’ve done a few BurdaStyle patterns. They tend to fit better than the Big 4 for me, so that encourages me to use them too.

  • Hey Rachel, I loved reading this post, thanks for sharing. About your blouse fear – there is definitely no need for it. You have made the Colette Macaron dress! You are going to find a blouse as easy as eating a piece of cake! Coats definitely are time consuming, as there is so much fabric to wrestle with and a lot of long sleeves to sew, lining to insert etc etc. Blouses however are fairly small and I reckon you’ll be surprised at how quickly you can complete one : )You go girl!

    Love from Rosie xx

  • this is so true. i confess that i have ups and downs in my sewjo. i’ve learned to accept this. it usually happens ever 4-6 weeks where i have no creative desire other than finding creative ways of killing bad guys in whatever video game i’m playing rather than sewing. after about a week i get a huge rush of creative energy and sew like five things at once. it all evens out, though.

    also i am very much guilty of the “instant gratification” sewing mentality. i don’t like spending more than 5 hours sewing one garment, let alone several days.

    but i don’t mind pdfs, obviously, i prefer them if the only other option is to wait for it in the mail. probably ’cause i only buy patterns when i want to make that pattern *right now* and i don’t like waiting.

    so basically my confession is that i am lazy, impatient and a gamer…

  • I tend to avoid pdf patterns as well. (I also tend to avoid standard paper patters – those already-cut vintage ones have ruined me for ever, with their ultra-fast, all-ready-to-cut state.)

  • I get impatient with big projects, too. I’ve had the fabric for a jacket for a while and just can’t get myself to start (although I already taped together the PDF, haha). I also burn out like crazy. Since I work so much, my only time to sew is on the weekends, and sometimes it can feel like a chore instead of a pleasure. I try to give myself a little guilt-free time off from sewing every once in a while, but it’s hard to ignore the piles of fabric, patterns, and unfinished projects stacked up in my workspace!

  • Try tape instead of glue with the PDFs:o) Please finish that one shoulder dress too, I want to make it and would love to see your version! I have a big project sitting there ready to start, but lately I’ve been after some quick wins. I think the trick is to have the big one and the quick ones going at the same time.

  • I feel the same way about PDF’s! I thought they would be great – you can buy them and they arrive immediately. But the added step cancels out the convenience.

    I also suffer from mojo imbalance!

  • I don’t mind PDFs at all. I always trace my patterns so I quite enjoy the change of sticking a pattern together then cutting it out.
    My secret is I guess i sew much better and inspired when I sew the things I just feel like making vs the things I think I shoudl make!

  • Oh I love Karen’s blog for exactly these same reasons. Her writing voice feels just so sincere and natural!
    Great idea to do a “true confession” post of your own! I enjoyed reading this post!