Sewing ‘Mug Caddy’

Have you been crafting some more, Rachel? yes… I have ! My most recently project is sewing “mug caddy”.
I cannot help myself, if I see something inspiring I just have to make it immediately
On saturday I went to my local shops to buy more felt and at the top of the table there were some ready made on sale. Very excited I asked : “ohh its a pattern?” “easy?” oh yes… I will have it!!!

Went home direct to my sewing room, and an hour later I emerged with it finished!


Pattern:Simplicity 2450- View A

Fabric: Art Gallery FabricDid it look like the photo/drawing of the pattern once you were done sewing with it? Yes, it does look even better.

Are the instructions good? They are very simple. The pattern has pleats and is sewn in a curve so it’s not a total beginner project.

Did you make any alterations or modifications?Yes, I didn’t sew velcro and created a little tab for button hole/button instead.

What would you do different? I could make some of the segments larger to fit different objects on next projects. The bias get lost as I used same fabric soI would use contrasting fabrics for it. This is a great little project for an office secret santa.  Who doesn’t want a cute place to put pens?

This beauty will be a gift and I’m planning to make a few more before christmas.

I found that I can can squeeze some fun projects for me while I’m making christmas gifts and it’s so rewarding. 

On another note, I just love my good fairies on the window… they make me smile every time I see them!

  • What a cute idea. Well done Rachel. I can see why you wanted to get straight on it! A great secret Santa present indeed. Will be bookmarking this one!

  • What a lucky find at the shops – crafting is just sooooo much fun!

  • Whaaaaaaaat?! This is so cute!

  • This is just too cute.. I love them.

  • This is an awesome idea! And probably a great way to practice pleats before I put them on clothes! You are awesome!

  • That’s such a fun idea! So cute.

  • what a great idea – brilliant

  • I might steal this idea, I’m always looking for my tools!

  • Oh, that is cute. What a terrific gift idea!!

  • That´s a great idea!

  • I have seen these before and put them on my “mental list”, and then lost the list. You reminded me 8-). Time to get crafting. Yours is so cute. Nice job.

  • I like the button idea. It adds to the cuteness of this caddie.

  • So adorable! Great for a gift