Show me this year wardrobe failures…

I hope you enjoyed celebrating all the beautiful things I made this year, but its time to reflect on the major failures. I tried my best to not make an item an UFO this year. When I leave an item to finish later it’s almost certain it will live inside my closet, never seeing the light of day.
This year, all my failures were:
Codename not given: New Look 6001 Workroom

Status: This is Muslin N1. I should have adjusted the crouch length on the flat pattern first.
To competition: Re work this pattern.
Reason it’s a UFO: Muslin failure

Can it be Rescued? It needs some fine tuning adjustments on the pattern design.I don’t have much junk in my truck and this design completely hides what I have.

Codename: “Grounded for the prom” little black dress 

Status: Shape is wrong for me
To competition: Start over.???
Reason it’s a UFO: Fit is bad. What I was thinking for the bow???

Can it be Rescued? no… I don’t want to wast time on this project!

Codename: “That dress doesn’t cut for Joan”. Mad Men Challenge.
Status: UFO
To competition: few hours
Reason it’s a UFO: Fabric mainly. It’s terrible and the proportions are wrong inc gaposis on the bust line.

Can it be Rescued? Maybe, I have to try it once again and see if its worth to turn it into a blouse.
Original Post

Codename:Cat in the crotch!
Pattern: Self Draft Pants
Status: Unfinished
To competition: Less than 1 hour would be enough for me to add the elastic waist and hem!
Reason it’s a UFO: Do I have to explain why I cannot go out in that?

Can it be Rescued? I will wear it as Pjs! Fun topic for conversation… my favourite mistake!

Codename:Hot Mess
Pattern: Hot Cocoa Sweater from Dixie DYI
Status: Unfinished
To competition: Need to add length and fix neckline. Its too high at the moment.
Reason it’s a UFO: I didn’t graded the pattern correctly and I need extra fabric.

Can it be Rescued?Yes, I will try to fix this by adding white jersey in the end the same way I did with the sleeves. I have to think if I will snip the neckline or create a turtle neck effect.

And the latest failure is my vintage blouse… Oh dear, It just makes me look pregnant and frumpy.
Pattern: Vintage vogue 5927
Status: Unfinished. Makes me look pregnant and very frumpy.
To competition: 4 to 5 hours
Reason it’s a UFO: Maybe I didn’t graded the pattern correctly or the shape is not flattering…
Either way, I decided to not move forward for the moment and save this project for when I’m feeling well.

Can it be Rescued? Maybe, I will give a few hours another time and see if its worth saving. 

  • Thanks for sharing! i think this is very useful post!

  • Laughed at those ‘Cat-in-the-Crutch’ pants the first time round, and still laughing (sorry!!!) Would like to see ‘Hot Mess’ finished as I think there are possibilities, but really don’t like colours/pattern/style of the last one on you…do what you can…J

  • Bahaha, ‘Cat in the Crotch’! That’s brilliant!!! Made me giggle, thanks for sharing. šŸ™‚

    I agree with Judith above – that last one just doesn’t really look like you at all. I think the fabric may work ok on you as a very different sort of blouse (maybe a cami-style with spaghetti straps?) but the combination of fabric and pattern just aren’t working for you at all.

  • I still say that you should make a long tunic top to wear over your “cat in the crotch” pants. They are just too pretty to end up as pjs. Cute post. Happy New Year!!!

  • I agree with Rhonda – it will be your little secret!

  • it brings a whole new meaning to le ladyparts…

  • Why not rename them the Pussy Galore pants and stride out in them, not caring a jot what people think! LOL!!
    I’m with the others, that last blouse – too frumpy, too drab. SO not you!! You are SO not either of those things!!!

  • Yes agree the cat in the pants are my favourite – very funny.

  • Such a great thing to display fails as well as perfection. Sewing is such an eternal learning curve and I know its a cliche but we wouldn’t learn anything without making mistakes. I’ve only just got over the tantrums for getting things wrong. Still stamp a foot now and then but at least it doesn’t make me give up. Your blog has been such a joy this year Rachel. Looking forward to more in 2013. Have a happy one x

  • I feel weird saying this- I read this on my phone, but had to log into my computer to get a better look at the kitty crotchedness……

  • I still love those trousers – very funny! Do you think you could have made them like that intentionally? Wear them with pride, just brilliant! Happy New Year šŸ™‚

  • Hahahahahaha! I don’t know why, but it’s totally entertaining to see everyone’s fails.

  • Ahh. When you do a test run, the issues for not going any further with a project become clearer.
    Thanks for sharing these.