And I blame Twitter!

My sewing table is already full… and then twitter happens…. Again

I just finish a  #sewingdare and now I’m back with two more adventures instigated by Twitter. 

I’m doing a coat, you all know that.. I have commit to it as part of my sew resolution but it’s scary to do it by yourself… Was nice to know that others felt just the same.. 

 And a few of us then decided to set up a support group #sewcoatbuddy.

Yeahh, we got a private flick group  I set it up so if you are making a coat and want to have a buddy or be our buddy, you must send your email privately to get invited.

We will write our doubts and show/tell our muslin and progress…  It’s a virtual support hug group. 

I had previously selected Colette’s Lady Grey but I feel I been staling it because I’m not sure how to alter it. 

Being so tall,  some designs and styles are harder to lengthen correctly and drop darts appropriately. 
So now I am thinking to try a different shape like colette Anise. 

My  Lady Grey and Gertie coat tissue patterns are both cut … I got to make a decision fast so I can start on my muslin.

Oh I love the pattern but I don’t have it, and I love the idea of sew a poka dot as I love my red poka dot dress.. 

I only have cotton pokadots in my stash I’m not keen on sewing cotton during winter. Now, I’m not sure if I’m making another trip to the shops to buy something suitable or just skip this challenge. I really need to use my stash and stop growing my sewing stock.

Twitter is very fun but get you in serious problem… 

Now, hurrying back to the sewing room before I get in trouble again… Or maybe  I  should get others in trouble launching a challenge in March… watch this space!
  • Wow, you are going to be busy! I didn’t even know that private twitter groups existed… but it sounds really fun to have coat sewing buddies! Happy sewing!

  • My my, so much fun stuff happening!

    Will the coat buddies be a year long thing? Could we perhaps join later? I can’t start on mine yet but, I have a coat on my list too and am quite intimated by the idea of sewing one.

    • yes, unlike a sew along.. each member will be doing their own choice of pattern at their own pace, so its just really an extra support system.. join.. will be so fun !

  • exciting! i’m tall (5’9″) and i made colette’s anise last year. as it’s a straight style i didn’t find lengthening too difficult (i did the body by about 3″ in the end and the sleeves by 2.5″) plus a few other things. if you go for this one and there are a lot of new skills for you (i had never done bound buttonholes or welt pockets) the Anise Companion Gude is very helpful (or else Sarai covered a lot of the companion in her sewalong posts)

  • Good luck Rachel, Know your coat will be beautiful.. [I vote the Anise Colette coat pattern …so cute]. The coat buddies will help.. have fun.

  • Oh busy girl! There is so much temptation out there and so many exciting things to join in with.
    I do like the look of the Anise pattern as it is very like a jacket I used to own and loved.

  • Would love to join in this, since I have my coat pattern and have now bought some of the stuff to make it with. I’m thinking a bit like Jennifer though and would like it to be a year long thing – I want to take my time and I still have some fabric searching to do. I can see though, that if I don’t join something like this then it might be a project that just sits in the drawer for an age ….

  • Twitter gets us all into sooooo much trouble!! But the fun kind ;o)

  • Oh I’m so glad to see that you’re starting your coat! I did lengthen my Lady Grey both above the waist and below, but if I were to do it again, I’d lengthen even more. I don’t think I blogged about the alterations, but I can walk you thru it them if you do change your mind and decide to do a Lady Grey at some point. But it sounds like you have a really good plan in place!

  • I very much look forward to seeing that finished coat… **pressure pressure pressure**

  • Now to find some polka dots for me!

  • Me too, twitter got me off my plan too! But I suppose has made me bring forward what I would have been under pressure to make in April!! What will march bring though?!?

  • Haha, yes, my first day on Twitter landed me in my Oona project dare! Oh my! You would look gorgeous in the Lady Grey coat, but I can see how that might be scary. I’m working on the Anise jacket right now, and it is very straightforward to alter and the instructions are really clear and easy. I added 2″ in length to the jacket right off the bat and you could easily do more. The whole process has been simple (although time-consuming).

  • With all your usual pre-planning and thinking, you will come up just the perfect coat pattern and fabric for your tall-self! Go for it and have a whole lot of fun along the way – that’s why we sew…J

  • Oh Happy Coat sewing!!! I had picked Lady Grey to make this year- but I am tall too so now I am concerned… Can you hear my sigh??? I am doing the Polka Dot frock… I am pretty sure I cannot do both in one month like you! Good luck!! (It is good fun though- challenging yourself! I love twitter for that! Looking forward to March’s challenge!

  • I’m in the process of moving, but my February sewing will be waiting for me by the time the studio is unpacked. Twitter is, at least, providing some much needed motivation!

  • I’ve kind of started a coat – done my first ever muslin! But too scared to start on the actual coat so putting it off by doing a Charlotte skirt in the meantime. Would love to join your #sewcoatbuddy support group!

  • Oh wow, you go girls! I’m nearly finished my wooly coat from last year, but I’ve stalled on it. Only have sleeves and buttonholes to do (which will have to be at least partially hand tooled), and I’m just not feeling it. Which is ridiculous, because I almost have a completed, gorgeous burgundy winter coat made and I’m booting around the Yukon with only a fall-weight coat. I hope you all finish up so we can see your pretty coats!

  • It’s so hard to resist some of these temptations sometimes isn’t it. I want to make a coat this year but it’s the middle of summer here and I’m not ready for that challenge yet. I’m still in two minds about the polka dot dress as I love a polka dot too. Ahh… decisions! But it is fun isn’t it.