{Book Reviews} A little course in SEWING

Have you seen my book collection? No, I don’t own a independent book shop. I’m just too addicted to learning and sharing. I think by now you all know my sewing “method”.  Research before making it. It’s just a fun part of the process for me and books play the key part of it.

I sometimes forget how simple terms and methods can seen so daunting for a beginner. I recently had one of my readers twitting me a basic question. She felt silly to ask but no question it’s silly when you are learning. My other half always says “ It’s only easy if you know the answer” .  
When you don’t have someone to show or tell, you rely on materials available; either books, friends, courses or blogs. Hopefully, yours truly has been a good source of information!It’s hard to see a book for beginners with “intermediate” eyes so I enlisted the help of my mom and we chatted a bit of what as a complete beginner her views were, shown her all the book and now I got to send her a  MY copy. (And make her dress too) Remember me to not ask mom for help!
A Little Course in Sewing.With a tag line on everything you need to succeed’, it sets the tone for what this book is about. It’s intended to absolute beginners with no previous basic knowledge. Not even how to sew a button! 
(Hello Mom!!!)
The idea of this series is to teach a few key techniques and use simple projects to practice hence building basic sewing skills. Like other DK prints, there is a section of essential equipment, understanding fabrics, choosing patterns, buying and using fabric. If you have some knowledge and some garments under your belt you will still find useful information, but I feel other books my be better suitable for your skills.

As you can see the book format is hard cover. I personally wished was spiral bound. So much easier to use, specially when you are trying the skill for the first time.
The contents of projects aren’t original and very basic but they still managed to engage me. The language is simple and the photographs are good.  So far, I think this book perfect for a child that just started sewing or someone that prefer instructions to be mainly visual (a.k.a in a handy step by step). Specially on the more challenging techniques as interfacing on different types of fabrics or attaching a zipper.  (More Photos)

I personally learned how to attach velcro and took a photocopy of the ‘interface types’ page to keep with my stitch library folder. Just show there are so many things to learn whatever your skill level is at the moment.  

It’s a keeper on my library!
Disclaimer: The book I am reviewing today is for total beginners. It’s was kindly sent to me by DK ( I bought all their other books I own with my own money) and I am not being paid for this.  All my book reviews are my personal and fair opinion. 
  • You are so right! It is hard to evaluate a beginner book with more experienced eyes. I guess that’s why, at this point, I haven’t really bought most of the more recent books aimed at a general audience.

    • Yes, Its so hard to gauge if they have new info until you open them. Generally,once you get to a certain levels of experience there aren’t many books. out there.

  • I love sewing books.. And I love to go back and look at the beginner books too. I learn something new everytime,ha.
    Have fun and enjoy your books.

    • ohh its wonderful isn’t it.. to just read over and over our sewing books.

  • Thanks for the review! Lots of people ask me about good beginner books, so that’s really helpful.

    • Its hard to know what is a beginner level anyway.. at least this is clearly aimed at very basic, no knowledge.

  • I am the exact same as you, I LOVE buying books because I love being able to reference them whenever I need to. I suppose I could look things up online, but it’s just not the same…

    • books are so precious.. I love them.. we have to have our sewing book club!

  • I LOVE a reference book on my shelf, there is really no substitute… whether it’s my science books, medical books or (my favourites…) my craft books! I have a kindle but that is ONLY for my bedtime fiction reads!

    Bundana x