Dare me!

Hello Friends,

If you read my “what’s on my sewing table” post you know I accepted a #sewingdare from Crafting a Rainbow to make a loose-fitting tee or tunic!(*unstructured). My sewing style has an obsession with darts. I love shaped clothes but don’t dare me to avoid darts.


Pattern: Free KIMONO T-SHIRT PATTERN from MariaDenmark . If you are fast, until January 11 CET you can get 20% off of Maria’s patterns with code TWEET here
Fabric: Soft stretch rayon jersey knit I found on a remands bin Goldhawk Rd. I love the colour combo, remind me of 70’s furniture. It moves with my body so its delicious to wear,not so much to photograph.
Size and alterations: M/L Altered the pattern to create a gathering on the neckline by moving the pattern away from the fold at an angle as show below by 10 cm (4in). I did FBA as recommended by Maria. The kimono sleeves were slashed so I could use the print placement to create a fabric design feature, and extended by 1,5 cm (5/8). I must admit that the urge to sew a dart was enormous! I didn’t hem, neither the bodice or sleeves. I use my rotary cutter to get a very nice sharp laser-cut style. I should have made the pattern longer by 1,5cm. Length was a very important part to consider as loose fitting style if too long would have unbalanced body shape= frumpy.

NeedleStretch needle size 11/75

Stitch selection and size: Stretch stitch W:1.5/H:2.5 and overcast with 3 point zip zag stitch. 

Level: Delightfully Easy. 
Pattern skill: Perfect for a beginner in search of the 1st pattern. Very few seams. 
Year: Modern
Details and Notions: Redrafted the facing making it larger (8 cm)

Time to complete: 1hour of construction the pattern (PDF/Alterations)and 30 minutes sewing. 
Will you make it again? Yes, It’s such a cute pattern! If I had made this while was studying I would have used it everyday as is so comfortable. Change would be reduce 3 cm on the back length.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: It’s has very clear instructions with photos. Not trying to guess what the pattern means you can see. Don’t you find easier when someone else shows you something instead of reading? I do.

Conclusion:With such a simple pattern, fabric placement was where I wanted to concentrated as the main design feature. I finish a PDF pattern which is a major step forward for me. It’s was super fun to take part.  Join us! 

Sewing Tip: I always re-draw the grain line when making modifications like that 

Photo shoot camera: Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod. 
♫: Adele 21

*Updated: Not Loose? LOL I guess that’s the loosest it will get for me.
  • Nice work Rachel!

  • Love it Rachel..and looks fantastic on you..

  • Terrific looking top!

  • Love the wider neckband on this cute little top…J

  • It looks good on you! Very urban, modern and sexy 😉

  • Sewing dares? How fun! Your top is really cute! Love the fabric.

  • You call that loose fitting? 🙂
    Don’t get me wrong, it looks fabulous, but not loose fitting, well not by my definition anyway!
    I really like the mods to the pattern and the fabric choice too

    • Lol for me yes, it’s loose … No darts .. Never sew without a dart and I haven’t shaped the seam line… Compare to my jersey dresses you will see it

    • Hah! You beat me to it!

    • @prttynpnk oh controversy LOL Thank for the love xx

  • Super cute! Great with the jeans, but I think it would look just as great with a skirt.

    • I think so too, I tried with an orange skirt and looks fab, a little back blazer.. its fun dressing up!

  • You look so cute! A great top with jeans.

  • What’s not to like with this style. It fits you quiet nicely in fact.

  • Looks great! I’ve gott to download this pattern methinks!

  • Haha, I agree it’s not loose fitting, but it is lovely! I love your modifications too- very clever!

  • That looks like a great top, good job.

  • I am downloading this and giving you the sincerest form of flattery with some blatant copying!!!

  • Anonymous

    Ummm….I’m confused – is this meant to be your loose fitting top? Because to me it looks quite fitted, in a tshirt/knit kind of way! I consider a loose fitting top to be baggy & well, loose!

    • Hi, Please don’t comment anonymous. The rules states having fun. It’s loose fitting and true size of original pattern. Definitions of loose are variant but if you want to see me looking terribly frumpy and making something that would go straight to the bin you can see my latest failure. The idea is to challenge oneself to achieve something they wouldn’t do by themselves but still wearable, that in my case, make something without darts and in PDF, not to make people sew clothes they wouldn’t wear.

      I hope you appreciate this is just a bit of fun and compare to everything I made, thats pretty loose.

    • Tracy

      Sorry – I didn’t mean to be critical – I was just genuinely confused, trying to find your photo of your loose top! It certainly looks great though, even if for me, that would be a fitted top. And apologies for posting anonymously – I don’t have a WordPress etc account & didn’t realise I could still post using my name!

    • Hi Tracy, Im glad you are back. I know.. I should have written better that we had agree with Maria’s top and of course my photos don’t help.

    • Tracy

      Reading my post again it does sound a little abrupt! Sorry – sometimes I type my thoughts without reviewing them to check how they ‘sound”!

  • I agree and guess quite a few of us are confused! LOL! However it is definitely beautiful on you too!

  • ‘Loose’ fitting or not, I think this is super cute Rachel! The fabric print is so cool!

  • Great fabric and a lovely garment. I suppose it’s not necessarily as loose fitting as some tops but surely the point of the dares is to get out of your comfort zone (no darts!) which you have done, and made a top you would not maybe have made but like, so bravo! Would have been a bit of a waste to make something you knew you would never wear.

  • Well, as the Official Sewing Dares Coordinator, I’d like to declare this t-shirt LOOSE(r) than your normal clothes, and therefore a PERFECT completion of your dare! I’m so impressed you jumped right and in and finished it – I haven’t even started yet! Would you consider sewing from another pdf? (Also: I really like that fabric!)
    Thanks for standing by the rules to have fun with the sewing dares – Well done, and I’m sorry so many people teased you about it being fitted! 😛

    • thanks darling, I knew it was coming.. Thanks for noticing I achieved a big milestone.. a PDF! Yes, I would try another PDF but not immediately.

  • haha – lovely make (i’ve made a few of these myself and i love your mods to it). would agree it’s not that loose but it looks great!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice, Rachel!

    I would call the top unstructured rather than loose-fitting. It suits you.

    My BFF has hips that are narrower than her shoulders and smaller than her bust, so she has the same issues with “loose” fitting garments as you do. Too much fabric just hanging on the lower body does tend to look a bit frumpy. :/


  • I want to own everything you make!!! I love this top, especially in that fabric.

  • great top, and I appreciate seeing how you changed the neckline and sleeves. I like that style sleeve but didn’t realize how easy it would be to alter from a kimono style top.

  • this is such a cute top on you – and I agree with everyone else it looks fitted. Great bargain on the fabric love it.

  • Hehe, i was thinking it was not very loose either, but it is an absolutely lovely top and very “you” and you have a marvellous figure so I think you should show it off. You rock that fitted Tshirt look!

  • the fact that you didn’t use darts is, like, HERCULEAN. peeps, this woman is on fire for darts and pattern manipulation, i should know, she coached me with drawings of a sloping shoulder adjustment on a fifty minute subway ride!

    i love your top, so elegant and beautifully simple!

  • Who knew a simple t could look so smokin’ hot! Good work 🙂

  • Very nice looks really good on you 🙂

  • Great top! I have this pattern in my stash after seeing scruffy badgers last year but I still haven’t got round to making it.

    the fir of your top is great and I love the fabric!

  • I think the top looks great – I prefer my clothes to be close fitting too.
    I found you from the Sew Country Chick blog.

  • cute cute! and love the fabric print.