Jungle January: The reveal

Inspiration: Jungle January from Pretty Grievances

Pattern: V- neck tee from Sewing with knits: 5 Wardrobe Essentials by Meg McElwee Craftsy Class
Fabric: I am on a fabric shopping ban but I didn’t have anything suitable at home. All the designs I loved I couldn’t get the right fabric to match and the fabrics I liked enough weren’t cheap. Instead of skipping the challenge I went on ebay looking for a bargain and found some intriguing fabric
Description was inexistent but for only £0.50 the piece, I bought it. When it arrived, ohhh gosh! Disaster in the makingIt’s poly and it’s iickkky on the skin and worst is way too transparent for decency, like those tacky outfits I wanted to avoid!!! The positives it’s that I like a challenge and the worst would be a good laugh on the failure. The print was interesting enough to have a go. 
With paper underneath and a seam finish
Size and alterations: Size ‘M’  lengthen both pattern and sleeves. 

Class review: I have learned so much about knits watching this class and I really recommend it. She teaches in a lovely calm pace and go step by step, full of tips and techniques. I wouldn’t be able to make such nice job on the neckline without her trick.

Needle: I used the finest one I had: Microtex size8/60 and sewn with an extra fine poly thread.
Level: The pattern is for a beginner.

Pattern skill: Very easy, the trickiest part is adding the bias on the V. I decided to not use french seam as I am sure would still show and make the seam bulkier. On the skin, the small 3/4 seam I made is almost transparent but when I wear something underneath it shows. Boooo!


Year: Modern

Details and Notions: Shop bough bias. 

Time to complete: 3 and half hours

Will you make it again?Yes, in a lovely soft jersey for basic T.
What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: Simple to put together. Nothing to dislike about this pattern.

What I could have done better? I think the choice of fabric is the biggest issue of this project.

Conclusion: Guys, that’s my 2nd PDF success. I am so pleased with that. I HATE the fabric. Sorry, this may never be seen on me. I learn loads with this project so I don’t think it’s a fail and the best was having fun playing ‘Jungle january‘. I loved the explosion of prints!

Sewing Tips: Use weights instead of pins. Walking foot was a life saver. Instead of backstitching I started every with very small stitches and making sure I crossed over another seam when possible.

Helpful Links: How to sew sheer fabrics,

Photo shoot camera: Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod. 

Total cost:£2
 Style with: Principles skirt and New look animal print hills. For my modesty the top  underneath is forever 21.
  • I love it. Too bad the fabric is not to your liking. You are wearing it well. Your photographs are really cool.

    • Thanks. I had so much fun letting loose my “wild” side on the photos.

  • Looks tigertastic on, too bad about the fabric being icky. You can consider it just a fun test for the pattern. 🙂

    • Indeed, I sewn as well as I could. Its hard to not get discourage and do bad on a fabric you don’t like but I found If I put loads of efforts on I could actually have something to feel proud of.

  • Roar! More like Phwoar! Love it! Grrrrreat photos too!!!

  • Well done with such a cray-cray fabric! You’ve worked with this well and it rocks 🙂

  • Very nice! I DO like the top and pattern- I am sorry the fabric turned out to be icky… You look marvelous in your photos! 🙂

    • Thanks darling. Winter is terrible for photos outside so I had to make the photos interesting on a white background

  • Love your photoshoot collage, so fun!

  • I loved that class as well! What I really love though is that fabric. I’m sure you’ve seen pictures of my little dog on my blog, but she has stripes like a tiger. Much to my husbands dismay I like to dress up in tiger stripes as well and parade her around. 🙂 She has a tiger stripe bed and it works like camouflage.

  • I think your make is the first one made using a tiger print! I love the print, couldn’t you wear a camisole under it? It looks so good on you.

    • I tried many colours camisoles. The issue is that although photograph very well, its tacky. Like XXX movies. Maybe lining it would work.

  • I’m enrolled in this class too! I like your top. I’m on a fabric ban too but I found some hideous jungle print on clearance at Joann fabric so I went ahead and bought it so I could play along too. It’ll be good muslin material for the Colette Violet.

  • What a fantastic photo shoot! And your top is really roaring. Too bad the fabric is junky. At least you got the sewing technique down really well. Now you can make it again with nicer fabric. Cute top!

    • Indeed, Its try when people say you get what you paid for in fabric.. paid cheap because its cheap.

  • way to conquer!! That top looks fantastic in the photos–the print is really flattering and you styled in nicely. Too bad it feels yucky. bummer. good practice at least? 🙂

  • You totally rock tiger print! Loving the roar wild pic – great fun shot. This looks pretty wearable in the shots, pity it doesn’t feel good 🙁

    • lol.. I don’t like wearing net like clothes.. but was good fun making it.

  • A shame that it doesn’t feel nice, because it’s very cute. You always have such fun in your photo shoots!

    • Thanks Shams. I think having a creative vision for the shoots its also a nice creative outlet for me.. I really enjoy playing dress up!

  • Fab photos! It looks really good on, so it’s a shame the fabric itself has let you down. Overall, I think it looks great! 😀

    • Thanks. I am quite happy with the final result.. I guess its live and learn with fabric buys. The skills I gain using something I didn’t like will give me confidence to sew with something I love.

  • I think it’s darling and could look pretty hot with a black cami or bra underneath. Too much?

  • Looks like it was a worthwhile project to make because of what you learned, even if you never wear it again!

    • I really enjoy this project and the challenge. I gave my best and it shows

  • That top looks great on you so it’s a shame the fabric isn’t to your liking!

  • Anonymous

    É como diz a citação: “There is no such thing as screw-ups in sewing. There are only design opportunities.” Logo, tudo vale!

    Obrigada pela dica da aula “5 Wardrobe Essentials” by Meg McElwee. Para mim também é importante que a instrutora ensine calmamente e com uma boa dicção ;-). Vou dar uma olhada. Estou a seguir o “The Couture Dress” com Susan Khalje e também aprecio o estilo dela.



  • A very nice top and I just loooove the fabric placement. For my last top (which also happened to be part of the jungle january ;-)) I also used a quite sheer and flimsy fabric. I made french seams everywhere, even when inserting the sleeves, which turned out really good. The french seams gave the fabric/garment some substance and a better fall.

  • Fab pics. So you really won’t wear it?
    It’s such a cool look on you.

  • It’s cute 🙂 Cool photo shoot too!

  • It strikes me that … maybe .. You can use this top as sleepwear …. perhaps only between you and your boyfriend … that would be fun!

  • I love how the dark stripe runs straight down the front – fabulous design choice! Too bad about the fabric, but you can chalk it up to a fabulous learning experience of rocking knits 🙂 Well done!

  • Hot!! This looks great on you (even if the fabric is a little gross)! Love it!

  • Great job! I signed up for that class as well and am looking forward to making the different projects.

  • Rachel.. great learning experience.. SO proud you enjoyed it..The photos look great.. Happy sewing.

  • Grrrrrreat photos!! It’s a shame that the fabric is such a loser, but at least you a. Mastered this pattern / class to put it into action with something more deserving and b. you got a true jungle January experience!!

  • It looks great in the pic’s why wont you wear it?

  • You look amazing in the photos. True Jungle January attitude!! Sorry about the slight disappointment in the fabric, but I love your philosophy about building skills and improving confidence. So true!! Every minute we’re under that needle we’re learning and getting better!