Love at first stitch…

Having a portable engaging project when we are away of the sewing machine is a great way to keep entertained and creative. From knitting, crocheting, english paper piercing, embroidery there are so many choices. I have my hand in all of those but one particularly stole my heart. I am having such a blast embroidering.
Want see what I been making last 6 months…

They aren’t attached to a specific project as they were my practice rounds. Now I have to come up with ideas to where I will attach them as appliqués.
I used Sublime Stitching Craftopia & the foxes are from Esty.
One of Christmas present was Little Stitches: 100+ Sweet Embroidery Designs 12 Projects By Aneela Hoey and the book is dreamy as involves little sewing projects to embroider.

Do you embroider?What’s is your second favourite craft besides sewing?
  • How cute..
    I love embroidery too Rachel.. I use to embroidery on pillowcases ,etc..Now, I have an embroidery machine, so I dont hand embroidery anymore. I love my machine,but miss the handwork..It is so fun
    Can’t wait to see what you do with your samples.

  • I use to do cross-stitching, way back in another era! Currently my 2nd go-to-portable craft is knitting!

  • So CUTE! Love these! I like to knit when I’m not sewing. 🙂

  • Your embroidery looks great, the foxes are super cute! I like embroidery, and usually add a embroidered monogram to my sewn garments as a tag. But knitting is definitely my second favorite craft.

  • I started doing embroidery when I was 5 years old. It was the first craft that my grandmother taught me to do. I still have the first piece I did! The designs you did are such fun.

  • Nice work! Embroidery is also my second favorite creative hobby. Check out the Hoop Love Vintage Transfers group on Flickr for some super cute, free pattern transfers. You have to join the group, and there are tons of out of copyright transfers shared.

  • Oh the foxes are super cute.

    My love is cross stitch. To me it’s the yoga of the sewimg world.

  • The foxes are so sweet and I love the little iron. Knitting and crochet are my portable/sofa crafts.

  • I think the iron is my favourite. My husband’s aunt has given me some embroidery lessons and it’s very relaxing. My challenge is fitting in all the different crafts I’d like to try. Crochet is my ‘go to’ portable craft 🙂

  • Tooo cute!!

  • Kat

    I love the foxes!!! Aneela Hoey is one of my favourite bloggers, her book looks adorable!

  • Everything is so pretty! I love the foxes, too 🙂 Embroidery is one thing that I can’t get the hang of!

  • Anonymous

    Ingenhoso e “so cute” o título do post… Adorei também os essaios de bordado, os acessórios de costura e as raposinhas!

    Quanto a ter um hobby portável, todas as minhas tentativas de levar um bloco para fazer sketches, ou agulhas e lã para tricot ou fazer crochet não deram muito resultado… Mas o tempo falta, enfin, um dia quem sabe!



  • I started knitting as a portable craft on the side of sewing. Partly because i wanted well, a portable craft, partly because i was envious of all the fab knitted items i see on blogs all the time. ha. so maybe soon i’ll have to start embroider… those foxes are just adorable! they would be so cute at the neckline of a dress.

  • Love your embroidery! I’ve always wanted to learn but have been too lazy so far. My second favourite craft is in fact sewing – my first love is knitting, precisely because it is so portable!

  • My Mother embroidered, her favorite was crewel work. I have several of her pieces, one of them is 2.5 feet long of a crane in a cherry blossom tree and it spent a couple years in a gallery. Now its in my living room. I miss Mom. *sad sigh*

    In any case, I’m plotting a sewing project that will require embroidery. It shall be fabulous.

  • The foxes are so cute, someone told me the other day, they are the new owls, is this good or bad? Not sure, but regardless, they are super cute!
    I knit or read when I am not sewing.