Making the invisible visible…

Hello friends,
I wanted to share a few updates that I have going on. I normally don’t do many projects in parallel but I find keeping busy is the best possible stress reliever when searching for ‘that’ job. No point tumbling fingers waiting for calls. 
However a lot of my busy-ness doesn’t necessary translate into physical makes and you don’t get to see it developing. You may see a result in a make with or without a tutorial and it’s a shame you haven’t participated in the idea development in my brain.  I never tried to explain in the blog because it’s hard even for me to understand the path until I get to a result. I started sharing a glimpse of the process on Twitter and Instagram with great responses, where readers started to ask me what I am up to. It’s only fair that info gets in the blog and I willing to take a leap of the unknown and hope will make sense to you.
My idea is to share at least one of my ‘process development projects” while they are still in process instead of “that’s how I did it“. I hope my experimentations can lead to an online brainstorming session. That will not only help my project get better but hopefully inspire your own ideas. Sharing & creativity walk the same path!
Another invisible part is my personal sewing development. I am always seeking to learn more by reading and practicing, specially when I am in my ‘process development’ mode. I do so much research and that so info accumulates on my brain I forget to spread it out. Sometimes is trying to avoid the obvious or repeating information already made available by others. Brain information overload. I will try to refer my research as links in the end of a finish project. If you follow me on facebook/twitter, you could even guess what I am up too because I constantly post of tutorials on my page.
Hope you enjoy the journey! 
  • So we finally get to witness those clever and creative clogs turning in your mind!!!! Fantastic…J

  • Fantastic… and good luck on your job search.. Sending prayers and hugs

  • I love that idea! The creative process is often more fascinating and inspiring than the finished result. And we get to share knowledge.

  • This is a great idea Rachel! I’m not very good at that either. When I’m making something I usually get so caught up in it I couldn’t even think about taking a break to blog about it!
    Best of love and good luck with your job-hunting 🙂

  • What an excellent idea, I look forward to seeing more on this process!

  • “Sharing & creativity walk the same path!” – True words! I can’t wait to see your creative process.