Sew Fit: Yoga pants & peplum top

Inspiration: To get oneself fit, a new inspiring wardrobe must be created. I must thank you all for your beautiful comments on my last post. Every time I tried to comment/ reply I got a bit teary. It’s so much love out there I got a bit emotional.

Pattern Top: I used my modified for knit Vogue Very Easy 8615, slicing the skirt into a peplum. I love the side darts and where the pattern hits the high waist: the smallest part of the body. By colour blocking, I was able to showcase that feature even more. I loved the effect very much!

Pattern Pants: I traced a pair I had and made it 4 cm longer. I sewn a label in the back so I don’t loose time trying to figure it out the right side.

Fabrics: Different weight interlock knits. The pink is a stable ponte knit. The grey is a loose weaved interlock tee.

NeedleStretch needle size 11/75
Stitch selection and size: Stretch stitch W:1.5/H:2.5 and overcast with 3 point zip zag stitch. 
Overlocker is back with Cris after I borrowed out of my turn to finish my christmas dress. In the end, my machine is actually very good to sew knits and I’m glad I manage to proceed without the overlocker. I left a little bit extra fabric on the side seams so I can overlock when I get the overlocker back, just for extra tidiness. 
Level: Easy.

Pattern skill: very easy

Year: Modern 

Details and Notions: 1,5 cm elastic and polyester thread. I learned polyester is best for knits.

Time to complete: 4 and half hours both but full of breaks and twitter time (lol). I have to say sewing in the evening was a shock. I normally packed under the duvet watching, tv, reading, cooking but I am determined to get used to the idea and create a routine that will translate to a full time working sewist. 

First worn: Today, for my home exercises. I am still wearing 4 hours later… it’s way to comfortable and once it gets very old will be such a perfect pyjamas.

Will you make it again? The pants need a few modifications and the peplum top too.

What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: I love the darts and waist placement. I love the fabric. I didn’t hem and I love the result.

Conclusion: You can tell I am very motivated to get better now, lol. Call on me on that at the end of few months to check… This project is sweet and I’m glad I made my first project after long 10 days without the sewing machine. I am not a pink fan but its nicely toned down with the grey.
I would modify the heigh of the pants waist and have it higher next time.

Sewing TIP: On this project, I learned that the knit fabrics I used have very different level of stretch and matching them caused strain, mainly on the neckline. It’s not perfect and I would reconsider the finish next time. I topstitched with topstitch thread as one you do with woven. Bad bad bad. Don’t do that! Use twin needles.

Photo shoot camera: Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod. 

♫: Plan B Ill Manners

  • Excellent!!! I love that you’ve made your own super cute workout gear!!

    I’ve been brainstorming ways to make some practical wardrobe additions, like wool knit legwarmers.

  • Very nice, love the colour combinations!

  • Very cute and looks super comfy, think I would like one of those outfits to lounge on the sofa (as well as doing exercise as well of course)

  • Anonymous

    Super outfit! Super idéia de associar o “peplum” ao “top” (que horror está o meu português…) e a combinação das cores é linda – parabéns!


  • It is adorable and you look so very comfortable – and I am now feeling inspired to get a bit fitter too! 🙂

  • Your outfit is very cute and I love the idea of a peplum on workout wear. I, too, just made a knit peplum top and posted it yesterday on my blog. Here’s to your health! Happy New Year!

  • Your outfit is adorable. And what a great idea to get you into the exercising mood ..Comfort..yea.. Happy sewing.. Love the colors together.

  • That looks soooo comfy. Comfy and stylish!

  • This is super cute work out wear! Pink + grey = all kinds of awesome!

  • Your workout wear looks great, and will have you fit and healthy in no time at all. Wearing this little cut outfit is all the motivation you will need…

  • This is great! formfitting, but still demure and stylish- Kim Kardashian could learn some workout wear lessons from you!

  • looks far too stylish to be work-out gear – I usually just look a soggy sweaty mess. Hope your work-out goes well.

  • Looks great and oh so comfy! I like the peplum top done in a knit and colourblocked, it works really well as an exercise top

  • It looks lovely and practical too. I like hte pink on you it really suits your complexion. I have just sorted out my workout wear too, not me-made, but a lot of my old RTW stuff that can be used to work out in, better than it going to waste! Time for me to start a routine too.

  • What a cool outfit. Does the job for yoga and looks pretty and usunusal, what a score. Keep up the good work Rachel!! Xx

  • It looks so comfy! I have to sew something like that for my rest time 😉

  • I have never seen a peplum on workout gear before, but I think it’s a great idea. I wonder if I made myself some gear, whether it would motivate me to exercise more… hmmm. I think I’d still procrastinate as much as ever. Good luck with your exercise regime.

  • This is probably the classiest workout outfit I’ve seen. I still stick to my rules of “only where them out when you are going to/from the gym”. But your top would be awesome with a pair of jeans and a fun bag for casual day.

  • Very creative and super cute!

  • This type of clothing is a task for my … you are very clever organizing your wardrobe around what you really need to use. Love the mix of colors and it looks very comfortable … really a winner in your wardrobe!

  • These look great – and perfect for keeping fit it! I really need to have a go at making my own fitness clothes at some point.

  • Cute! You even look hot in workout gear! Sheesh, girl, you’ve got style for miles!

  • This outfit is so cute! I really need to work on my machine skills so that I can make something like this 🙂

  • That is so cute and comfortable looking.

  • Cool looking workout ensemble! 🙂

  • Very cute! Love the color combo.

  • This is a really nice work out ensemble and should inspire you to get moving because you look so cute in it! We can’t see any of your frustration showing up in the work, so you did a very great job in execution!