What’s on my sewing table…

My  sewing table is full. Opps… So far this year, I committed to 5 projects at the same time. How did it happened? LOL  Luckily not all are due immediately.
The first is pay it forward: I committed to send a creative gift to the first 5 people that commented on House of Pinheiro Facebook page. Few minutes later, I had my recipients and a deadline til the end of the year. They wont know what it is until they receive it. I’m full of ideas!
The other is Did you made that:Sewlutions. I committed to a coat. Made my decision and it’s Colette lady Grey. Again, I have until the end of the year. I committed to the bombshell too, but that I already said It was on my sewing plans as this year birthday dress( June project).
Purrrrrr, Pretty Grievances Jungle january. I love Gwen Stefani’s animal print clothes however I have been unlucky on finding the right fabrics.I am very particular with animal prints as It can look tacky. I must find something soon #panic.
Can you resist a dare? I didn’t, and I have accepted Crafting a Rainbow Sewing dares. After a twitter committee discussion, they decided: “We dare you to make a loose-fitting tee or tunic!” adding an extra difficulty I replied it must be a PDF. I have settle with MariaDenmark Kimono Tee. Maria patterns are fabulous and I been wanting to make this for a while.
And lasting, the project I have chosen for my minimum 1 project a month year resolution was Colette’s beignet.(January Project)
Ohhh Did I mention I have still commitments from last year? I’m pimping a designer skirt with Fabjous Couture. This is so exciting as I am leaning a different drafting methodology.
Did I shown you what skirt is it? No? Promise to share details of my progress soon!
  • Can’t wait to see what you make this year!

    I’m planning on making the Lady Grey coat this year too, just have to find some fabulous fabric and wait for the weather not to be so hot!

    The Maria Denmark t-shirt looks great too, I’ll be interested to see what you think of it/how it fits.

    • The kimono tee is a lovely pattern, go for it. My lady grey journey should start soon

  • You seem to do your best work when busy and this little list will certainly keep you busy. When you are ‘that’ busy it means you are learning, and when ‘you’ learn, you share…the part we like best! Good luck with it all, and the rest!!!

    • Aww I love this comment, makes me so happy to know my musings are helping

  • Looks like you are going to be a busy lady! Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Beignet skirt. I’ve been thinking of trying that pattern next.

    • It’s all cut now and waiting to be sewn. I’m going to ignore the lining and use hong kong finish

  • Oh, wow, what fun plans! I’m so excited!

  • I committed to making shirts for Phin with Did You Make That’s Sewlutions. And I’m pimping a skirt too. Thanks goodness Marina is going at a relaxed pace! Happy Sewing!

    • Indeed, I’m loving her posts. And I saw your plans too.. Yes bring us loads of frosting

  • Wow, you have a full plate, I am sure it will be great fun with lots of learning and experimenting. Anxious to see you progress!

  • Wow, that’s a lot of commitment, and I thought you said you were going to step back a bit 😉 Good on you, I like having plans too. I agree on the animal prints, I can never seem to find anything so I have not committed to this challenge yet.
    I look forward to seeing your projects.

    • I am, those are long term … And I’m not working yet so you have to put up with me a bit more until that happens

  • wow thats a heap of plans, all sound very exciting though!
    can’t wait to see your lady grey, such a lovely coat, I may have to make that one myself at some point:)

  • Great plans! The kimono tee is really fast and easy so, that should ease the burden a bit leaving more time for that beautiful coat, which I cannot wait to see! I pledged a coat for Karen’s Sewlutions too but, I’m already losing my confidence haha

    • Oh indeed was so fast and fun, don’t loose the corage we can do it together

  • These are all fantastic plans! I’m especially excited to see your Lady Grey coat as I think that pattern is sheer perfection 🙂

  • oooh, these all sound like fun ideas. perhaps i should join the ol’ twitter so i can keep up with the jungle and dares and sewlutions 😉

    i think sewing a coat is a great goal! i need to make one myself and i need motivation 😉

  • Ooh you’re going to be a busy girl! I like the look of Maria’s tee too.

  • Sounds like you’re going to be super busy over the next few weeks – but also having fun! I also committed to a coat for this year but won’t be starting until at least the summer… nothing motivates me like a little procrastination!

  • Eeek. Thanks for reminding me about the skirt commitment!! My sewing break was a god send.
    Happy new year.

  • Сool plans!%) Wish you free time for all of them!

  • Love the coat! I am doing a coat this year too0 between Lady Grey and Minoru. Decisions decisions… And I can’t wait to see your bombshell dress! You are very busy as usual!

  • Cool! I’m doing the skirt drafting too – my first time drafting so it’s very exciting!! 🙂 I know what you mean about not being able to find the ‘right’ animal prints; I’ve been trying to track down a larger scale giraffe print in rayon challis, and all I can find is minky! lol

  • Nothing like going for it in a kinda go big or go home way! These sound like some lovely makes!

  • Did you see Wearable ednesday? I think I get your point about tacky animal print!!

  • Yes, I been reading all the post. Such great idea…x