• How cute! Very smart to not include a bikini pattern with 32 pairs that you already own. 🙂

    • lol, brazilians are very keen on their bikini etiquette. We must have one different pair for every day of the holiday and each pair need to be variant of colour and size. We start the holiday with our largest piece, in a colour that favours the in-tanned skin and get smaller and brighter as we get tanned. This way we avoid silly tan lines.

  • I hope I can see the masked ball from my island!

  • What a wonderful island.. Totally enjoyed your tour.. What lovely sewing ideas and patterns.. Was just wondering if you made the beautiful 32 bikinis?hahahaha
    This was just too cute of a post..

  • I’ve been loving this series that Scruffy Badger is doing! I hope I would get invited to your costume ball!

  • i want an island for my birthday. i’m saying this well in advance so that the universe will have ample time to provide me with one.

  • I love this series from Scruffy Badger!And I love your choices!Seams you covered every need!