Coffee Craft-Afternoon

Hello darlings,

Met’s up are so fun and on Friday, before my friend Marry Ann arrived from London for her weekend stay, I had the pleasure to spend my morning with Polly from Jak& Gee in my local  artsy coffee shop. 

She is really sweet and talented and I was very jealous of her AMH bag

Source: Jak& Gee Gee
We got chatting for hours and hours while crafting away… Polly worked her magic on a english paper piercing hexagons while I working on a raining design from Aneela Hoey to be the centre of my next cabin login cushion, or part of a quilt, well who knows… I just like making tons of embroidery when I’m sitting having a chat and coffee. 
We took a trip on our local quilt fabric shop to gather some more fabrics.. 
aww that’s a really good end of a day!
My fabric shopping..
  • What a great morning. I love that Makowever ‘London’ fabric…I’m planning a quilt for my boy in it.

    • Oh, Im sure it will be very cute. My parents have a London inspired room at their house so I was thinking to make a cushion to go there.

  • Your new embroidery is adorable 🙂

  • I love your embroidery. Very cute.

  • So proud you had such a fun get together [I like her purse too].
    Love your new fabrics and the embroidery is so pretty [she looks like you,ha]. Have a great day.. Hope your back is still doing better.

    • I know, thats a cute bag… I wanted the fabric for the jungle jan but was out of stock. My back is ok.. not at is best but Im moving so Its good.

  • I love the fabrics and embroidery as well! What a lovely way to spend time together. I have a question for everyone.

    I will be in London for the first time in April (sadly not during the meet up). Where are the fabric stores that I should visit? I’m reserving space in my suitcase just to bring some lovely ones back!