International Craft Swap. Join me!

Welcome to HOP 2013 Craft Swap. Last year we had 120 talented creatives creating pincushions. This year instead of a defined object, I have chosen a theme: Nautical
So you can let your imagination loose and make anything you fancy, inc. only using the colour reference: Blue/White/Red.

Enrolment starts today and will close March 3rd GMT Midnight.

Here are the housekeeping rules:
1.   Anyone can join this swap, it’s open internationally and you don’t have to have a blog to join.

2.   Comment here and send your enrolment email to me with a little introduction to yourself, including:
  • Your Name
  • Postal Address where you would like your swap parcel to be sent
  • Website or blog address
  • Twitter or Facebook names
  • Email address. This will be shared with your partner only.
  • Say your age if you wish to share.
  • Information to help your swap partner make you a treat (favourite things, colours, interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes, any allergies etc)
  • Confirm that you are happy to post internationally
My email: houseofpinheiro(at)hotmail(dot)com

3.   You will receive details of your swap buddy by March 8, 2013 If you don’t  receive a confirmation from me in 3 days, let me know by email. That will give you 4 weeks to make and send your swap.

4.   You are free to make anything with a nautical theme.  I encourage you the use materials from your stash.

You can sew, crochet, knit, cross stitch, embroidery, make jewellery, etc. The idea is to have fun. Be mindful of weight for shipping purposes.

6.   Have your project finished and posted to your swap buddy by April 5thAdding a small bought gift of max value of £3 or equivalent. 

Feel free to share with me: tutorials you love, guest posts, or any other idea relating to the swap.
I’m excited to be running this and would love to hear from you.

Feel free to use these button on your blog.

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What are the rules of the swap? 
The only ‘MUST’ rule is that you need make the item yourself. I encourage you to use your stash. All  crafts are valid within common sense. Ask yourself, would I be happy to receive this?
Once I get the details from my partner, what do I do next?
Make your craft and send it to your partner. Don’t forget to take some photographs before and upload to Flickr.
How am I going to be paired with?
Will be depended on logistic, so everyone can get their swap at the same time, and affinity. I hope to match you as closely as possible based on your introductions.

Would it be ‘ok’ to email my swap buddy if I am unsure of their address or I want to draw some more ideas?
This is not secret swap. I encourage people to meet/talk to each other. I also encourage you to check the postal addresses before sending. I only ask you to not ‘demand’ specifics from your partner. This is a creative exercise and should be exciting to see what the other person can make. 

I’m scared I wont receive my swap? 
To minimise this risk, we pair the receiver with the giver and vise-versa  and ask them to communicate prior sending swaps. This is a very important part, as you will get to know your partner better. If the person you are paired haven’t answer your emails within one week, please don’t send them anything until you talk to me. I will personally get in contact with that person. If all its fine, you will get a notification from me to proceed or I will allocate you another pairing.

If I want to make something before I receive my swap buddy details, is that a problem?
I know how life can get in the way, so I don’t mind if you want to make their item before if means the sending date is achieved. It is important that the item is posted on time. Latest day for postage:April 5th  
If I feel I have been badly match with someone, what can I do?
I will do out best to match people up with people as well as possible but honestly, I wont be able to find a perfect partner for everyone. You can always send me a message but I cannot promise to change your partner. 
I have allergy to pets, do I have to tell my swap partner that?
For those with allergies, please make it very clear on your introduction so your partner can take precautions as possible. It’s not possible for us to manage “pet free” groups.
I need help, I don’t know what do make.
Pinterest is often a very useful place to seek inspiration.
I’m a novice and not sure my standard will be up to scratch with the others. Should I join?
This is open to all levels of crafters.I encourage you write your skill level on description. I hope that you enjoy the experience and expand your skills. You can always explain to your partner that you are learning and you did your best. We are a very warm and supportive community and I’m sure no one will be feeling terrible because someone did their best.
Do I send only my craft or did I need to send something else?
Yes, send them a little bought gift up to £3 or equivalent.
Would I be getting newsletters?
The blog is the main contact point for the swap. You can check all posts related to the swap under “Swap” label.
I missed the enrolment date but I want to join.
I will add your details to a waiting list and will do my best to match you if I can. No promises tho.

If your questions haven’t been answered, please write on the comment box and I will answer asap. 
Lots of love
  • I’ve never done something like this before, and am a bit scared as I have no idea what to make, but sign me up anyway!

    Although don’t expect much progress on the coat for the time being…

    • Its super fun… you will enjoy it. OHHH my coat progress is slow(stopped) too

  • Hi there. I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but I’ve never commented. I really admire your style. I would love to take part in your swap – my email is on its way!

  • Count me, sounds like fun. Like Helen I have no idea what I would make either but it sounds like a great way to meet someone new!

  • Oh yes please Rachel!ill have a think and send you an email!

  • Ok, I’d like to be in – I know you already have some info about me but I’ll send you some question answers by email. Great idea!

  • Yup, I’m in!! 😀

  • I had so much fun with the pincushion one and made a lovely friend in the process that I’m still in contact with. I would LOVE to do this one too! Thank you for organizing another swap!

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  • Love to take part – email on its way!

  • What a lovely idea! I’m in – will send you my email later today!

  • Count me in, I enjoyed the pincushion swap.

  • Ooh yes count me in! Will get an email to you tonight or tomorrow. My first ever swap!

    P.S. Go on, pair me with Anonymous up there 🙂

  • Sounds like a very generous idea. I’d be honoured to join in.

  • Please count me in 🙂

  • I’m in! This sounds fun!

  • Christie

    I’m in 🙂

    I’ll email you tomorrow!

  • Id love to join! Is nautical blue red and white or does it need to involve boats/sea? Can the blue reds and whiyes be patterened or just solid? Sorry for my dumbness! But count me in anyway!

    • Allowed both.. Just the colours or the theme like boats and sea… Have fun…

  • Please let me play! I will send you my details once back in the UK on a internet provider i trust. Please nudge me on twitter if I don’t! I love swaps

  • Count me in! The pin cushion swap was so much fun – my pairing was spot on ☺

  • Anonymous

    Sign me up please, been waiting for ages!!! Email winging it’s way to you right now. Daisy x

  • I would like to join in too please . E-mail on its way.

  • Count me in, too! Nautical – great theme. 🙂

  • Ooh, this sounds like great fun!

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  • Yes please – count me in Rachel + I’ve already sent you an email hun :)!

  • Just found your blog, am a new follower and would love to join in, will mail you now!


  • Count me in! Email coming your way!

  • Count me in – can’t believe it’s been a year since I got my gorgeous pin cushion. Will get my e-mail together soon as I can. Cx

  • Hello! I’m new to your blog, and this looks like a great way for me to jump in feet first!

  • I’m in! Never done anything like this before – very excited! Thanks so much for taking the time to organise this, it is very generous of you.

  • T.

    I want to try! I’ve never participated in this type of craft challenge/swap. Sounds fun! Mahalo House of Pinheiro for hosting and creating this super fun activity!

  • I am definitely in. I have sent you my email!!!

  • How exciting! I have never done anything like this but I am going to try.

  • Very exciting, I’m in. E-mail heading to you shortly. Thank you for organising.

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  • What a great idea about this, I just knew about it because of Rosy from Sewingadicta, but now I’ll become your follower and I’ll be paying attention for the next one!

  • please include me in this swap

  • i had been following the flickr news and never saw updates there – hence i missed it again 🙁

  • Oh shucks, I missed this. Let me know when you are having the next one! We need a calendar that everybody in the sewing world can access, so that we know when people’s events are happening!