Off line vacations…I failed miserably.

I have to admit, the urge to be online was stronger then my will power. I lost a bet with my fellow…
Hrh said I wouldn’t last a day. I didn’t… In the evening, I grabbed the Ipad and logged on my RSS feeder to read blogs. Don’t forget interacting on instagram & twitter. It got worst as the days gone…
However, I didn’t sewn or wrote blog posts and reducing a lot my ‘online’ time. In the end, it was good. 
While I was away, Maddie launched a lovely free pattern.

Anne posted an interview about my sewing space.
I voted for @megan_nielsen 

Pinned some wedding ideas.. No.. I didn’t got engaged, Dibs… After 8 years one should be ready.. lol

Grabbed inspiration from couture… What do you think about darts sewn on the outside? like ELIE SAAB Spring 2013 Haute Couture. 
(Photo Courtesy of Elie Sabb)

Said hello and supported one of my readers, that finally had the courage to launched her blog.

Listen and joined in the discussion “Are you are ‘sewer’ or a ‘sewist’?. Mari’s podcast are so much fun. If you hear ” Steam 2″ you will find yours truly tip on pressing on the last minute.

As I said, I failed miserably…..

  • Well done for at least thinking about trying to? lol

  • I think DH expects me to stay online when we go on holidays because I couldn’t live without staying in touch either.
    I couldn’t deal with catching up, even after a week!
    Having darts on the outside is catching on. Nice.

  • Anonymous

    Oh well, not such a bad rule to break! As for the darts, I made a skirt with the darts on the outside, which I like. I’m not sure if I’d want them on my chest personally, though the dress in the photo looks nice.

  • Hahahahaha, it was a nice try! There’s just so much fun stuff going on all the time– it’s hard to stay away from the internet!

  • It’s really hard not to look online when you are so used to it. I stopped using Twitter for a few days over Christmas (not as long as I intended) and I missed it, it becomes such a habit. Also, that’s hilarious about Dibs spotting wedding related pins – eagle eyes!

  • Rachel,
    I so understand.. I have been trying to cut down on my on line viewing [it really takes a lot of our time,doesn’t it?]..BUt.. I am addicted, can’t stay away.. even Hubby has started telling me,”you are hooked, if I can’t find you..your on the computer.” lol
    But you did pretty good anyway..
    Got a big laugh out of the wedding post..

  • Thanks so much for the mention! Your tip was great 🙂

  • I am definitely PRO darts on the outside. It’s one of those features which makes non-sewists think about how a garment is sewn. And I think they look interesting provided they are not over-used!