Sew Pretty. Log Cabin Cushion / Pillow.

Hello darlings,

Thank you so much for the kind comments of my latest project (tiramisu) and the speed recovery wishes. My back is much better and I eased myself back to sewing making a traditional login cabin block. This project took a few hours on an evening to make and I recommend for all quilt beginners to have a go as they are much easier than they look.

If you search the story behind the name, you will find some folklore relating it’s origin and tradition.
The centre piece was originally a red square believed to stand for the heart of the house, at the time, late 1800s, was a fireplace. Nothing change, as I do believe the kitchen still the heart of a home. The design has a crisp line in the middle dividing the dark and light side. The light side representing the flames and the dark side the shadows. Today there are many variations and modern takes of this block.  I love them all.

My friend Mary Ann & cushion.

My project Facts:

4 different strips of  2,5 inches in varied length sewn in the most used log cabin block. I don’t know the fabric brands as I bought them as fat quarters. Machined embroidered with the bow stitch from my machine in contrasting thread. (305 Gutterman) Quilted with a cotton wading and butter muslin underneath before turning it into an envelop cushion.

Free tutorials on Log cabin block.

Thanks to my lovely friend Mary Ann for modelling with the cushion/pillow. 

  • Great cushion, I just made my first patchwork cushion and am finding it very addictive. I have log cabin on my list to try and it looks super in the fabrics you chose šŸ™‚

  • This is so cute! At first I thought it was turned the wrong way and the dark strip was the roof of a diagonal house – lol. I might have to make one of these for my grandparents, who live in a log cabin! (They built in themselves šŸ™‚ Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Your cushion looks just lovely! The log cabin has some amazing stories, and when lots of them are put together they can be arranged in loads of different ways – such a versatile pattern! And now a new skill to add to your repertoire!

  • So pretty indeed!! And how nice to have a friend called Mary Ann. It is the bestestest name šŸ˜‰

  • Wonderful! I admire your ability to quilt! I was learning about it for a year, but it does not end up going into my heart … your job is great!

  • Rachel, love this pillow, it is beautiful and love the colors you chose.
    I am so happy to hear your back is feeling better.. The ole back pain is so horrible.. my heart goes out to you.. It seems never ending, doesn’t it..sending prayers for you, sweet girl..

  • I feel that quilt projects nurish the soul. Such a sweet piece.

  • Very cute:)

  • well done you, that is lovely x

  • Pretty! I was just teaching an art lesson about different quilt blocks. Didn’t know the story behind this one.