‘The English Heritage skirt’ a.k.a Vintage McCalls 8258

Pattern:Vintage McCalls 8258. It’s a 1950’s fitted slim skirt and back slit.

Fabric: Plaid Wool Flannel. Oh gorgeous! With polyester lining…

Size and alterations: Generally skirts fit me quite well, inclusive vintage.
Like on most skirts, I barely make major changes. In this case, the only difference is that I omitted the waistband. No interfacing was used.
Level: Beginner. It’s just a simple pencil skirt without a waistband, darts both at the front and back.
Pattern skill: Able to sew darts, vent, lining and ‘invisible’ zipper.
Year: Dated 1950

Time to complete: Unknown.This was siting as UFO for ages. I was procrastinating my anise coat  rearranging my wools, folding fabric by size, when I opened a piece to access it’s potential that unveiled in a semi sewn skirt with the pattern inside… It’s very probable that at the time, the plaids had frustrated me and I was scared of sewing zipper/lining. My heart got excited with the idea of “easy gratification”project. I was lucky to have lost a bit of weight too because I didn’t used fit insurance when cut this pattern so the 5/8s are just about right to keep the plaids matching. Ufffff (Pure luck)

Will you make it again?No, although I like it how simple was to sew, there are so many other patterns I want to try. In an attempt to rid myself of patterns I don’t want to sew anymore, I already promised this pattern to a friend. 
What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: It’s lovely to sew a piece of history. 
Striding in the high street feeling like a young Miss Marple

Based on my recent makes(Doctor WhoSherlock), one can assume I have a secret desire to be a detective! …

“It’s elementary, my dear. You know my methods.Who has a sonic screwdriver…Well, we should get on admirably.”

Long skirt it’s not a look I would rock every day but English heritage is such a big trend that the whole outfit is cute. I love this jacket and hat and wore many shoots for the blog.

Conclusion: It’s cute for work but after looking at the photos it makes me shapeless! I’m thinking to take a few cm/in of the hem. Where it current hits the calf it’s a strange length for modern girls. What you guys think? My best assets (1.17 m of legs) are mostly hidden! 
Sewing Tip: How to sew a vent. Add a back slit or vent on your pencil skirt using The fashionable Stitch tutorial. 
Photo shoot camera: Olympus D 475+ Gorilla tripod.

Cost: I estimate around Β£20.

 β™«:Lana Del Rey

Ps: The weather was typical English weather, grey and alternating between raining and sun spells. Windy too!!!

Styled with: Uniqlo J+ Wool jacket & Fake fur Collar, Top Shop Mary Jane’s shoes , Accessorise Hat, River Island Sachet

  • You would be lovely detective in this skirt!%))

    What is your height? 117 of legs – cool!
    I am 182cm and have 1.1m, may be we measure legs different in Russia and England?%))))

  • Love the retro look you created.

  • Beautiful skirt Rachel..Love it on you. I think cutting it a little shorter, would be cute too.. happy sewing.

  • The skirt looks great and you did a wonderful job with the plaid. Maybe just loan the pattern to your friend. You might regret completely giving it away πŸ™‚

  • Stunning, Rachel! I love the fabric you chose. It really fits the vintage look.

    • Yeah, I agree. The fabric is perfect.

  • I love your photographs of the skirt! They capture the essence of it. Great skirt!

  • I love it!! The whole look is fabulous, you wear that hat and fur collar so well!! I wore a longer than usual skirt today, too. I also think my legs are one of my best assets, so it was odd to have them all covered up, lol. It was a nice change, though.

  • Hello Retro Lady πŸ™‚ Very nicely styled and photographed πŸ™‚ And you look so British ^^ Only “cup o’ tea” is missing!

  • Totally gorge. You look so amazing in skirts!
    I also love the resource from A Fashionable Stitch. I love that she keeps improving the post, too. Everytime I refer to it, it’s changed and better.

  • Tis beautiful! x

  • Gorgeous Rachel, love the whole look you put together.

  • I agree with Kerry too, the outfit is darling, and it’s truly the perfect fabric. Really nice make, and how wonderful,that it was an instant make!

  • You look gorgeous (you always do btw, so annoying πŸ˜‰
    The fabric is great and your styling is amazing!! Love the pictures.

  • Such a great vintage look and the length is part of that, really suits you

  • Great classic skirt, Rachel. Gorgeous choice of fabric. I’m getting more and more into longer lengths lately. I personally think it looks great on you. But I know what you mean about the shape. Those vintage patterns always portray a slim fitted skirt but never seem to turn out quite that way!

  • Your whole outfit looks great, but if you prefer a shorter skirt, that will still look good.

  • The whole outfit looks great, love the hat and skirt! and I am so jealous of you having such a great background for them (seriously, the old buildings look fantastic!)
    If you’ll wear it more if its shorter, cut it off! It will look great either way so I’d go with whatever you’ll like and wear more.

  • I think it’s lovely, and far from making you look shapeless, it really emphasises your height! It looks fabulous on you.

  • I think you look fabulous! And I definitely like the way you accessorized it. It’s certainly not shapeless.

  • Wow. You’d be a fab detective in this outfit. The pic colours are so fitting for this vintage piece of work. You look great.

  • i LOVE the outfit… i agree on a little shorter, maybe even peg the side seams a bit???

  • Fantastic! This is such a great look! My vote would be that you leave the length, as this length seems more authentically vintage to me. I don’t think it hides your figure at all!

  • You look great – love the styling! I agree with oonaballoona on shortening and pegging the skirt. I need to get those shoes!

  • This is very cute on you! But, I agree with you, a bit shorter would really show your legs off — I think it would look even better.

  • it looks great! sometimes it is the simplest project that take the most time to finish… something else more interesting gets in the way πŸ˜‰

  • Gorgeous skirt, fab styling. You look very much the English Lady. Love it!

  • I love it. It Is a slightly out of fashion length, but that length WILL come around soon, guarantee it and then you will be ready! hehehe.

  • Love this look on you! I think I would be tempted to peg and shorten it slightly tho.

  • I love this look! It’s adorable, and you’ve styled it perfectly!

  • Oooh, your skirt is winter perfection Rachel! I love the quiet rustic colours, and how fantastic to find your old self had it half set out for you! A sterling job, as always πŸ™‚

  • This style skirt was my go to pattern when I was learning to sew – goodness, a few decades ago now πŸ™‚
    I LOVE your fur collar!!! I just made one yesterday for my first oufit of the year and I love it – I’ll pop it on my blog tomorrow. It was super easy and sooooo warm!

  • love how you styled the skirt!! normally I would say shorten the skirt but I’m quite liking the ‘midi’ skirt length that are around, so rock it I say πŸ™‚

  • Awsome photos! That skirt is great.