“The winter garden” dress


Fabric: Wool Jersey 

Pattern: Dress pattern from Sew U simplicity with modifications.
Size: ‘M’ lengtheneddressCollage

Did you make any alterations or modifications? Yes. I made de sleeves and bodice longer, added shaping darts on the waist and skirt front and back, used self made bias.The sleeve cap was reduced. You can see the details on my Ikat dress. Same modifications. The main difference is the fabric is softer and tend to drape while in the other dress the fabric tent to hold it’s shape. Just show you get different effects from fabric within the same pattern and the importance of making sure they match perfectly for the desired result. I think because the fabric is softer, the neckline drapes and moveThis version skirt is shorter.

Year: Contemporary  

Notions: Self made bias.
Time to complete: Few hours on a sunday afternoon. 
First worn: Very windy and cold winter morning. Way too cold for photos…
Will you make it again? Yes. This version is much looser on the body and moves more. I personally prefer sewing this pattern with stiffer knit.What did you particularly like or dislike about this pattern: It’s simple, quick and versatile. This dress is not warm thou. Can I line dresses with fleece? I’m considering

Conclusion: Not my best creative work but I really like it. Its pure cake!.

  • This is lovely, what fab fabric my dear! And, you look gorgeous with and without makeup!xx

    • Thanks Marie.

      I felt would be good to all my readers to see Im not always all glam

  • Rachel, this dress is beautiful.. I like it in the floral knit.. COlor is so good on you.
    You look beautiful with out make up..[What a blessing..How we all wish we did,ha]
    Great photos..
    Happy sewing.

    • oh Judy, you are such a sweet friend. I been seeing all your the fun you are having with your granddaughters…

  • Great dress and as usual a great photo shoot!

  • You are so different on the last photos!

    • Lol.. Thats why I wanted to share a photo of me without make up…

  • lovely! a simple design but a great vehicle for that awesome floral! you’re rocking it, girl!!

  • Gosh I love this dress! It is so cheery and funky yet sophisticated. And I agree with th eothers, you are very beautiful without the makeup as well as with 🙂

  • Such a pretty dress! And.. I wish you could teach me how to do makeup.. lol! 🙂

    • thanks Jo.. I did some make up posts on the beginning of the blog… under’ beauty buzz’

  • You look especially beautiful in your make up-free photo. Your natural colouring is lovely. And so is your dress!

  • Beautiful! Dress, bare faced and made up!

  • Love the material and you are just gorgeous with and without makeup!

    • me too.. I took the last bit of the roll.. just enough to squeeze a dress.

  • Very cute. Love the print fabric.

  • Really like this! Where did you buy the jersey? I love the pattern!

  • This is so pretty! I really love it!

  • Love the dress, and I wish I looked that good without make up.

  • Loving your dress! You’ll have to just wear it and freeze – it looks great 😉

  • You look fantastic in your new dress. I´m not a big fan of big flowery prints but yours work very well in a knit.
    With or without make-up you look very pretty!

    • the overall look of the print is bold but i think the flowers are quite subtle.

  • This is GAWjuss on you!

    And I must say, I love your “au naturale” look 🙂

  • This dress is beautiful! It looks to hold it’s shape very well in the pics. I am working on a very thin knit top right now and am also worried that it will be sort of lifeless with no shape. I will have to look up your other dress, with the stiffer fabric, that you mention.

  • I love this dress on you! Your fabric selection is phenomenal! You should definitely make more versions!

  • Love your dress and fabric selection. You look gorgeous.

  • Absolutely gorgeous! Very nice work as always, HOP!

  • That’s an amazing dress and it would be wonderful to wear in the winter when most people are in dark colours.

  • Looks great!
    You look just as gorgeous either way:)

  • So lovely on you

  • V. cute dress – you’re getting some great makes from that book Rachel (I must re-read it again soon LOL!) 🙂

  • Oh my gosh, this is so beautiful!!!

  • Zoe

    Wow you look amazing!! xxx

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