Tiramisu Love!

Pattern: Cake Pattern Tiramisu. #0144 

Level: Beginner. This is a really easy pattern to work with. I love the extra alterations lines. Why every company doesn’t add them? They are really missing a trick here. The best part was being able to draw the finish seam of my waist/body band. I was really impress how nice it matches! I’m not just singing praises to Steph. I really believe she is doing great things on her patterns and she is a very talent lady. A joy to get to know better. 

Fabric:Jersey £2 per metre bought during Walthamstow blogger’s meet up.

Size and alterations:Oh dear! Ok, this is totally my own fault. I cut a size 35 D. I know that the ‘D’ isn’t related to cup size and I would have been ok if I cut 30 with few alterations.
As you can see, was not fitting very well. I traced 7 cm off each side from the seam and tried. Just slightly “too brazilian” for the UK. I moved the centre front crossing to give me a bit more coverage and it fits nicely.
I didn’t had enough fabric for a dress and I just cropped the skirt.
Details and Notions: I have a little cheating secret. I didn’t made the stretch satin bias. This loveliness was send to me by this family owned company called Minerva Crafts. You can see their varied stretch bias range here. Gosh. I’m in love with this product. This will be my most used method for knit finish. I will never make stretch bias if I can avoid it. It’s so easy to use and looks so pretty in the inside. 
I cannot recommend this product enough. Ready made bias is very helpful and speedy!  Making this top with this little cheating secret has really made my day! I can see this product on swim wear… oh #sewing dare approaching! The exact satin bias I am using is this.
First worn: I will apologise for the photos. Not my usual standard but my back was  giving me some  terrible grief since monday and I only managed a few minutes outside. Then was off to bed! I’m not 100% now but at least I can sit down, hence I’m writing this post. 
Will you make it again? Yes.. what a silly question lol

Conclusion: If you take 2 things from this post, remember it’s ok to cheat by using shop bought stretch bias and do try more independent patterns as they will always delight you.

  • Your Tiramisu looks absolutely gorgeous on you the fit is perfect! I love this fabric and black bias really sets it off… well done 🙂

  • Looking fab, Rach! I really love the print of the fabric- super cute!

  • Looks gorgeous, what a great fit on you. That stretch bias looks like a great buy too.

  • Stunning top Rachel, it suits you so well. Hope your back pain goes quickly.

  • Looks great, I am in love with this pattern! Hope your back feels better soon xo

  • You look fab in your lovely top. Thanks so much for the bias info. I buy from Minerva but didn’t realise this product even existed.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  • I hope your back is feeling better right now!
    That top is gorgeous and it fits you so perfectly! Thank you for letting us know about the stretch bias!

  • So gorgeous, sweetie!

  • love it as a top! it’s a greta pattern (and sews up so quickly). i have my second one on my dressform for the bias skirt to hang before hemming and i can’t wait to wear it. i wear the other loads!

  • It looks great as a peplum top! Thanks for the link to the bias tape, too – I don’t know that shop (yet)!

  • Looks fab! I love the innovative way Stephanie approaches her patterns x

  • beautiful! i plan on buying this pattern, can’t wait to make my own!

  • Looks gorgeous, hope your back is feeling better soon:)

  • What a great version of the Tira – I really need to get going on that pattern soon!

    Just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for an Inspiring Blogger Award over at http://helenssewingadventures.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/blogging-award.html


  • Very pretty, it looks lovely on you!

  • This is gorgeous on you!

  • Absolutely stunning Rachel, one of the nicest versions I’ve seen. x

  • beautiful! I have this pattern, but haven’t come close to using it yet. It’s inspiring to see your version though–I hope I have time to make it up soon. Looks so comfy!!

  • I love your interpretation as a peplum top!

  • Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Very Pretty.. Looks great on you. love that you added the black.

  • It is lovely! Thanks for sharing your secret for the stretch bias binding.

  • Looks gorgeous!! Really want to get the Tiramisu.

  • I love love love your version!!!

  • Your tiramisu is the best I’ve seen, and I’ve seen a lot on blogs. The skirt lends itself really well to become a peplum and you’re the first person I’ve seen realise this. Very clever.

  • Your top is great!

  • Anonymous

    Beautiful top! Hope you feel better soon!


  • Oh, now I want all the stretch satin bias! They use this in RTW and I’ve been wondering where to get it. And you, as always, look beautiful, back pain or no. Great top!

  • I love your fit of this – it looks fabulous. I must try the stretch satin bias, I haven’t seen it in Oz, perhaps it is available online?
    I hope your back is better soon

  • Rachel this is lovely – the fit is perfect. It looks fabulous on you! And thanks for sharing details of the stretch bias – I’ll have to get some.

    I hope you’re feeling better now 🙂

  • Looks gorgeous! You’ve got the fit spot on, despite everything. And I’ll second your thumbs up for Minerva Crafts – found them on ebay and have had all sorts of goodies from them. Hope your back’s feeling better now.

  • Pretty…. and you look amazing, Rachel!!

  • This is beautiful! And I must try out the stretch bias trick…! Absolutely love the monochrome look. And hope your back feels better soon… Nothing more crippling than a bad back 🙁

  • Gorgeous! I love this cropped as a top! Hope your back feels better. 🙁